What we’re really teaching our children

child.jpgI actually love stories like this because, while rare they are a true testament to what our country, our way life has become. Instead of being coddled and pampered with the absurd promises that everything is going to be ok, Americans need to be bashed over the head with a little horrifying reality.

If it ever dawns on us how truly uncivilized we are becoming, there might be a chance for our society to survive. But if we don’t save our kids, we have no chance at all. With what our children are watching on TV, the games they are playing on their computers and Play Stations, and what they actually witness in the streets, its no wonder this kind of shit happens.

A group of third-graders plotted to attack their teacher, bringing a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape and other items for the job and assigning children tasks including covering the windows and cleaning up afterward, police said Tuesday.

It seems the students, 8 and 9 year olds, were upset at their teacher because she had scolded one of them for standing up on a chair. So about nine of them plotted to teach her a lesson. With duct tape, handcuffs and a knife. Sounds like it was going to be a serious lesson.

“We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her, but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely,” Tanner said. “We feel like if they weren’t interrupted, there would have been an attempt. Would they have been successful? We don’t know.” 

The obvious question is, what sociological conditions must exist for any group of students, let alone 8-9 year olds, to even imagine doing something like this? What have we as adults allowed them to be exposed to and conditioned by? Will we ever change course so that those conditions no longer exist? If not, what’s next?

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2 Comments on “What we’re really teaching our children”

  1. Jane Doe Says:

    I find it very disturbing that such young kids could imagine such a plot. It is not uncommon, though. I have studied criminal justice for many years and have studied cases with children even younger than these committing terrible and violent acts. What is so sad is that these kinds of stories are becoming so commonplace that the shock factor is no longer there.

    What I find even more disturbing is that Georgia has a law that states that no child under the age of thirteen can be charged with a crime. What?! There needs to be serious consequences for serious crimes. If there aren’t consequences for such actions, then what is there to make these kids stop and think the next time they get scolded in school, at home or wherever. If we do not make a big deal out of this, then the children will not think that it is a big deal. I absolutely think that the kids should be charged with a crime. They must know the seriousness of what they were planning. I am not saying that they should be thrown in an adult prison, but they should be put in a juevenile facility for young offenders. We can’t let these kids view of what they did be “no big deal”.

    We have all heard that when a child does something wrong, it is best for the parents to nip it in the bud right away. The child’s behavior should be stopped as soon as possible so that it doesn’t continue and continue to worsen. The legal system should take the same stand. If a child is planning murder at the age of eight, and we let it go, what will they be capable of at sixteen, twenty-five or older when they are stronger, wiser and more experienced?

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Charge an eight year old with a crime and lock them up in a “kid” prison? That would be the ticket for building a better person. We know jails are well known for rehabilitating inmates.

    There have long been youngsters that commit all manner of acts of violence. History is full of them. It isn’t a modern day phenomena. I think it would be fair to say that something in the child’s home or environment needs examining closely.

    I truthfully don’t know what kids are watching on TV now days. Off the top of my head I can’t think of many programs that are “all of that”. Most of them insult the hell out of the viewer’s intelligence. I’ve heard there are some pretty hard core video games out there. I don’t know how difficult of a time they have of separating reality and fantasy video.

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