Reporting on the War III

Several key questions are posed in this excellent assessment of reporting the war in Iraq. The most profound of these is what would be the reaction of the people in the coalition countries, primarily the US, if they actually saw what was going on in Iraq instead of the heavily censored and sanitized version that the government allows?

This reporter says that the war news seen on TV in the US is more sanitized than in other western countries and the middle east. He says,

Journalism, particularly television journalism, by its failure to show the real horror of war, has become a lethal weapon supporting governments that want to go to war.

This short video is an excellent bit of reporting in its own right.

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One Comment on “Reporting on the War III”

  1. Bob R Says:

    It’s a shame that the news is sanitized and cleaned up — otherwise we’d see the actual results of our decision to go to war. Everyone loves abstractions — freedom, justice, patriotism — but nobody wants to deal with the untidy, messy reality of seared flesh and burning hair. Now there are so many pre-approved, embedded reporters, I long for the days of Cronkite, and Michael Herr, and Tim Page scrambling to the front to get some reality back into our living rooms. Now, it seems war reporting is just part of the political machinery.

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