Child Forced to Give Priest Enemas

Just when you thought it was safe to sneak back into the confessional, here we go again. I’ve posted so many stories about the disgusting behavior of priests that I can’t list them here. If you’re interested, just pull up the religion category and read on.

Father Philip Magaldi, a Fort Worth priest, who has already had several sexual abuse claims lodged against him, has now been exposed as being HIV positive. Well, isn’t that special.

His boss, Vicar Michael Olsen, came out and said that “with an abundance of caution” he had notified three individuals who had made claims of sexual misconduct against Magaldi. Abundance of caution?

He’s a pedophile, who is HIV positive, who forces sex on children and notifying the abused is considered “abundance of caution”? WTF is the matter with these Catholic “authorities” anyway? And just where did he get the HIV?

“Magaldi was removed from active priesthood in 1999 by the late Bishop Joseph Delaney after allegations of sexual misconduct arose in Rhode Island and Fort Worth. In August 2006 Bishop Kevin Vann removed Magaldi from all ministries. Bishop Vann also is in the process of seeking “laicization” of Magaldi, which is a request to remove Magaldi from clerical status. The request is pending at the Holy See.”

This is not the first problem this priest has had. He’s not only a pedophile, he’s a theif.

Magaldi originally was a parish priest in Rhode Island. He arrived in the Fort Worth Diocese in 1990 and served until 1992 as pastor of four churches. He left the diocese in 1992 and pleaded guilty to embezzling $123,000 from a Rhode Island parish at which he was pastor and was sentenced to two years in prison that involved a work release program.

So, let me get this straight. He goes to prison in 1992 for embezzlement. He gets out and gets his old job back where he can’t keep his hands out of little boys’ pants. In 1999 he is removed from the active priesthood due to the resulting child sexual abuse claims. In 2006 his superiors move to have him defrocked (finally) and it is still pending at the Holy See? How Holy is that?

One report, filed in 1997 exposes just what a sleaze this guy is.

He offered dinner and drinks to an 18-year-old who came to him for confession in 1995, hugged him, groped his buttocks, kissed him and paid him to administer enemas.

Father Magaldi denied abusing the young man but admitted paying for the enemas, saying he needed help with a medical condition. Oh. And I’m sure that the fact that this was an 18 year old boy and not a medical practitioner made perfect sense to the good Father. In fact, if I was a good Catholic parent, I wouldn’t think it the least bit strange for my priest to have my child clean out his butthole. Right? It’s the least I could do.

The church found him guilty of sexual exploitation and made him do volunteer work. They also let him continue on as the chaplain of the Diocese Boy Scout program.

Jeez, are all the Catholic church officials this fucking dumb or just all the ones we read about?

The bottom line here is this. Why is this guy still a priest? Why does it take the Vatican years to make up their minds about defrocking him? Why was he allowed to continue working around children after the offenses? Because they are the Catholic Church, they protect, not their parishoners but their own, and they have absolutely no shame.

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2 Comments on “Child Forced to Give Priest Enemas”

  1. Jane Doe Says:

    Damn, that’s some pretty messed up stuff. If you can’t trust a man of God, who can you trust?

  2. MelvinFlynt Says:

    Yeah this is pretty f’ed up. Ever more f’ed up is that I went to the school where he was a priest at, St Johns. I remember at friday masses that all the students attended, he’d give out m&m’s and other candies to kids when it was their b-day. There were rumors that he bought someone a car too! It was kind of strange.
    He also taught german and spanish where the class was out of control. I’ll admit that class was fun because nobody took him seriously and he’d always throw erasers at us haha but damn I didn’t know about all this other crap.
    The funniest thing about all this is that we use to call him “Father Ma!” and the Ma was short for a spanish word for homosexual. We had to say “Ma” otherwise he’d know what we were talking about haha

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