Live Blogging From Singapore on Chinese New Years

cny-007.jpgI actually started this post while at the family matriarchs house for New Years (first day) breakfast with the intention of doing a “live” blog from there with pics and the whole ball of wax.

cny-001.jpgIn fact, I actually uploaded the post from a taxi cab on the way to the temple to pay respects for her late husband. But I was posting to The Impolitic and that cny-003.jpgis on Blogger and it got so screwed up that I deleted it and waited until I got home to post this.

cny-004.jpgAnyway, click the pics to make them bigger and here is what New Years, first day is like for Singaporeans. The night before was the reunion dinner, always held in an overpriced restaurant with all of the immediate family. There are usually 21 of us at that dinner. cny-006.jpg

This morning its breakfast at the matriarch’s house (Pearl’s mom) with the three brothers, their wives and kids (all grown) and a few friends. Breakfast was served as described below. There is an alter to the father in the home and I’m honored that the little chinese bird house I made for Pearl’s mom sits on the shelf with it.

Once the meal was done and cleaned up we headed out to Bishan to visit the temple cny-021.jpgcny-013.jpgwhere Pearl’s fathers urn is stored. As you can see, it is a rather sterile, hospital like place with its bright lights and polished marble. The colored numbers on the side of the row indicates the prices for each level of storage space. Those at eye level go for S$9,880 while the cheapest ones on the very top row go for S$2,880. The one we are looking for is at 2nd row from the top.

cny-012.jpgThe little girl in the pink dress is not one of ours. I thought it was cny-010.jpgso cute when they tucked her long dress up so she wouldn’t trip climbing up the ladder and the gentle way she wiped off grandma’s picture with a tissue. Everyone else you see in these pics is part of Pearl’s family.

cny-015.jpgWhen we were done at this temple, Pearl and I mounted up on her cny-040.jpgHonda 200 Phantom and headed across town to the temple where her godmother is stored. This is a much nicer, warmer, more homey place with soft music, wood enclosures and softer lights. 

cny-026.jpgPearl’s only 5′ so she has to use one of the provided ladders to cny-043.jpgreach the right storage space. She cleans the urn, offers two oranges and we bow three times.

After the temples its home for a brief rest and then back to the matriarchs house for dinner and gaming. One of the uncles runs a three card game for the younger folks (betting but with no lower limit) but Pearl will be in the high stakes mahjong game where each hand can bring as much as S$160.00. I’m still deciding if I will be joining them tonite.   

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4 Comments on “Live Blogging From Singapore on Chinese New Years”

  1. chris tandy Says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your comment, you’ve definately got an interesting blog here! I’m only in town for a couple of days on route to singapore so am just about sorted. Spent today in Little India which was cool, so different to the rest of the city. RE: the bird park/zoo, I visted the KL bird park a few weeks ago and not sure anything can beat that, hence the choice of the zoo. If you haven’t been and are a bit of a twitcher then i fully recommend it!

    Thanks for your help,

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I haven’t been to the KL bird park but have been to some “attractions” and am disappointed by the way the animals are treated and housed in both Malaysia and Thailand. It’s the biggest advantage to the Singapore displays. The Presidents compound, Istana, may be open to the public this weekend and its worth a stroll.

    In any case, enjoy your stay.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful celebration.

  4. marble urn Says:

    […] there with pics and the whole ball of wax. In fact, I actually uploaded the post from a taxi cab on grave options taking off WTHR IndianapolisThe funeral industry is getting on board with new […]

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