More Americans Shootin’ Each Other Dead

handgun.jpgIt’s getting hard to keep up with it.  Before I can even finish reading the latest update on the 5 women who were shot dead in Tinley Park (and one wounded) the news hits of a 15 year old boy who shot dead his parents and his 13 and 11 year old brothers.

Did he do it with an illegal handgun? Was he an armed criminal? No. He used his father’s very legal handgun and wiped out his entire family.

The teen had not been getting along with his father, police said. On Friday night, he went into the house after other family members had gone to sleep and shot each of them. His father’s handgun had been in the house, police said.

What would have happened if he didn’t have access to that gun? Would he have used a different weapon, perhaps a knife? Would he have clubbed them to death? Would he have searched for another gun somewhere? Would the family have lived a little while longer or had a better chance of surviving if any of those were the case?

We don’t know the answer to that but there is no doubt that the easy access to his dad’s handgun made the killing easier than any of those other possibilities. And in his teenaged rage, he didn’t have to take the time to search for another method….and maybe cool down a little.

I’m sure that the dad had the handgun for protection. To keep himself and his family safe. Fat fucking lot of good it did him. He’s dead, his family is dead and his one surviving son will go away for life. So much for safety.

Locking your doors and windows, arming the alarms and unleashing the doberman might protect you from the criminals outside. But if you want to be safe from your pissed off kids you better lock up your guns.

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2 Comments on “More Americans Shootin’ Each Other Dead”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I have a real problem with the ready availability of guns in our country, especially handguns, but if you’re going to own one, use your brains and lock it up where your kids can’t get to it.

    Congratulations on posting at the Impolitic! You’ll be a great addition over there.

  2. […] comments here and at The Impolitic) Gun posts certainly do seem to elicit emotional interest. In the post below, I was careful not to mention gun control. I simply reported an incident, the type that seems to be […]

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