Saturday Morning Madness

Just like the old days

Now that the CIA has blamed the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on a militant leader with ties to al Quaeda (of course) we can be pretty sure that just the opposite is true. Its the best way to discover the truth in this administration..just look at the opposite of what we’re told. So, truth is, Musharraf, our buddy, had her killed with the Backing of Buschco. Makes sense to me.

Tiger’s Revenge

Now it’s come out that the drunk, stoned boys who were attacked by the tiger at the SF zoo had been taunting the beast and may have thrown something at it. I’m not quite sure how that explains the tiger’s escape but if thats true, they got what they deserved – assholes. Maybe future assholes will think twice.

SBA (Suicide by Auto)

So, a woman stops along the roadside, strips off her clothes and those of her young neice and nephew, picks them up and walks into oncoming traffic where they are hit repeatedly and killed. I’m not the least bit surprised. Afterall, its America. But throwing the kids off a bridge is a lot less messy and doesn’t slow down the commute.

Is Texas wiping it’s butt with the Constitution – again? 

So let me get this straight. Dennis Kucinich (who is a candidate for president) will not be listed on the ballot in Texas because he won’t sign a pledge to support the democratic nominee if it’s ultimately not himself. Um, I thought that in America you could support and vote for whoever you wanted and do that secretly. Isn’t that like, a constitutional guarantee or something? Oh, forgot. It’s Texas. Explains everything.

Sound Investments to hedge the recession 

While the government spends millions of dollars a minute on the war and the American economy sinks deeper into the toilet, there has been little impact on the purchase of critically needed staple items. In December alone Americans bought 1.35 million Nintendo Wiis, 1.26 million X-Boxes, 800 thousand Play Station IIIs and 2.5 million DS handhelds. These were needed to play the 1.4 million copies of Super Mario Galaxy, the 1.3 million of Guitar Hero III, the 1.5 million Call of Duty IV, and a million of Assassin’s Creed. Well, at least Americans have their priorities straight.

Collaborating with the enemy in the War on Drugs 

We give $600 million to Columbia each year for it’s anti drug program and Bush is requesting another $500 million for Mexico for the same purpose. Now, its been decades since I bought any pot or any coke. Is it harder to find now? Is the war on drugs reducing drug flow?  Considering that drugs are a critical product to the economy of these and other countries, like Afghanistan where opium is sold openly in street markets, is our government really interested in curtailing its production? Is all of this money really just intended to buy political support from key officials in these countries? Of course it is. Drugs are crucial to our economy, too.  

US drugs tsar John Walters has admitted that Washington’s anti-narcotics policy in Latin America has so far failed. Mr Walters said in Mexico that billions of dollars of investment over many years have failed to dent the flow of Latin American cocaine onto US streets.
And who is arming these drug cartels anyway?

The drug gangs need lots of weapons to defend their illegal crops and activities and to fight against those countries that try to destroy them. Where do they get these weapons? Why, from the country that makes and sells more guns than anyone else on the planet. The US, of course.

The US has said it will give Mexico access to an electronic database to trace weapons smuggled from the US to powerful drug gangs across the border.
You can’t make this stuff up

Canada has listed the United States as one of the countries where prisoners are at risk of being tortured.

The United States has been listed as a country where prisoners are at risk of torture in a training document produced by the Canadian foreign ministry. It also classifies some US interrogation techniques as torture.

Hey, don’t worry. We’re not the only ones on the list. China, Iran, Afghanistan and Isreal are there, too. Don’t be concerned. Its kinda like when you were kids and you moved into a new neighborhood and had to make new friends. You adapted, right?

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3 Comments on “Saturday Morning Madness”

  1. jonolan Says:

    On Bhutto: The CIA and Scotland Yard concur that the available evidence points to followers of Baitullah Mehsud as being responsible for Bhutto’s murder. While I do not completely trust the CIA, Scotland Yard still has a fine reputation.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Why anyone would trust the CIA at all, especially under this administration, is a mystery to me. As for Scotland Yard, I don’t know much about it other than it is the state police arm of the British Government, a close US ally. That in itself makes their finding suspect. Keep in mind that we have had many many so called trustworthy entities lie to us flagrantly. The president of the US does it frequently. Why think that Scotland Yard is above supporting him?

  3. Buffalo Says:

    The so called war on drugs was lost before it started. Passing a law against something doesn’t make it disappear – prohibition proved that. The only way to win the war against drugs is to remove the profit from the enterprise.

    The woman that killed herself and the two kids was crazy. There are a lot of crazy people in the world, not just the USA.

    We do live in some troubled times. How’s that for an understatement?

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