Proof of Creation

H/t to Nolocontendre for this little bit of silliness.


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9 Comments on “Proof of Creation”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    The proof of creation can be found in monkeys. A roomful of simians armed with typerwriters will never be able to write a sonnet.

    Since cyber humor often doesn’t translate well I must hasten to add my statement was meant to be funny and, maybe, a tad sarcastic.

  2. Mocking Bird Says:

    Man did not come from monkeys. Life did not happen by chance.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Michael, I’m going to risk an answer here. First of all as Buffalo said, he was being sarcastic. 2ndly, science does not and has never contended that man came from monkeys. This is a simplified concept used by the church to try to discredit the scientific data. The evolutionary contention is that man, apes and monkeys are separate branches of a common tree, that they share an ancient ancestor. The evidence of this is indisputable to anyone who studies the scientific data which now incluldes chromosomal comparisons and dna. For those who do not or have not or will not study that data, they should. At least before they try to make an educated decision about the origins of not only man, but all life forms.

    I know this is all blasphemy to you, but I’m glad you stop by occassionally to rein me in.

  4. Mocking Bird Says:

    Hi Brian, i guess we just have to agree to disagree that our beliefs are different 🙂 I just don’t believe that life happened by chance. If we take a watch, smash it into bits, place the bits into a box, shake the box for a trillion years, we’ll still never get the watch formed back, can we? i know my argument is fallible.

    i believe in what the Word of God says. That’s all. And i won’t put you down in any way just because you don’t believe in God and that He created the universe.

    Cheers! 😀

  5. I’ve never seen why there has to be a distinction between creation and evolution anyway. Do away with the nutty science that has to be invented to support a literal interpretation of the bible and evolution can be a process of constant creation.
    Or maybe we WERE created – by extraterrestrials who jiggered our genes and seemed like gods to us.

  6. Capt Fogg Says:

    There is a big goddamn difference between belief and knowledge, mockingbird otherwise algebra would be just another belief system. There is no evidence for “creation.” None at all and yes, your ignorance of the wealth of evidence is not the basis for a logical denial nor is a reference to authority a logical argument. If your “belief” is true, then all beliefs would on the same basis be equally true and that includes the unsubstantiated and totally illogical belief that no entity within or without the universe created the universe.

    Actually, the idea that you could presume to understand such things simply because your mother sent you to sunday school is egotistical beyond comprehension.

  7. Capt Fogg Says:

    There does have to be a distinction between creation and evolution since the creating entity has to come from somewhere. And of course you’re comparing a huge mountain of evidence with unfounded speculation and willingness to believe.

  8. expatbrian Says:

    Capt, while I agree with you and thank you for your support, I must say that Mockingbird (Michael) is a personal friend and one of the few Christians who have visited here who is actually toderant of others beliefs or non-beliefs and I always appreciate his visits. He’s also just a nice guy.

    That said, we’ve all heard the “watchmaker” theory before and know that it holds no water. While you and I are getting old, Capt, I think that the mythological supreme being idea will finally become just folklore within our lifetime. Except of course among those who would not admit to being wrong no matter what the evidence.

  9. Capt Fogg Says:

    It is just folklore to most of the Europeans I know, but the US has turned its back on logic, science and the Enlightenment and trying hard to bring back the medieval world.

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