Charles Taylor Trial: Update

taylor.jpgThe trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor got back on track with the testimony of a pastor who was witness to some of the horrors in Sierra Leone but managed to survive. He was pulled from a group of over 100 men who had been herded into a mosque just before they were all slaughtered.  

Taylor is on trial for war crimes in his efforts to secure the diamond wealth of that nation in order to arm and fund the rebels. In describing one incident involving a group of boy soldiers, the pastor says, 

“I saw another group of SBU(Small Boys Unit) boys with a small boy,” said Teh. “He was screaming, what have I done. They didn’t say anything. But the boy was screaming. At first, they put his right arm on a log. They took a machete and amputated it at the wrist. The boy was screaming and shouting, asking them, ‘What have I done that you are doing this to me?’ They took the left arm again and put it on the same log and sliced it off. He was still screaming and shouting. They took the left leg, put it on the same log and cut it off at the ankle. At last, they took the right leg again and put it on the log and cut it off with a machete.”
In the end, they took the screaming and mutilated boy and threw him into a toilet pit.

The whole article is here. This is just another madman, like Idi Amin or Pol Pot. I for one think that they should be made to suffer the same types of horrific deaths that they were so willing to inflict on their victims. And that these executions be public and televised.

I also believe that any footage of these killings and all of the other horrors happening around the globe be shown on worldwide TV. I really don’t think we in the west, in the safe and free countries, will ever actually do anything about the terror in the rest of the world unless we are forced to see it with our own eyes.

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4 Comments on “Charles Taylor Trial: Update”

  1. tonia Says:

    The evil that one does lives after them.

    The same “S” that once spelt “sweet” is now spelling “sour”

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    Let’s not forget our own Pat Robertson, one time Republican candidate for President and business partner of Charles Taylor in a gold mining scheme which was intended to turn charitable contributions into a personal windfall for Pat.

    At least Taylor is on trial for his life. Robertson got a slap on the wrist and his infamy was washed away by the miracle of bullshit.

  3. Micky Says:

    Spoke about a judge from the Supremecourt SA before I left Afrika and told him that Jair Klein former Solder of Pablo Escobar and involved in education childsoldiers in middelamerica and Liberia/Sierra Leone has no character and it is enough when the world is going mad and that children have to go to school.He is Jewish so the Russians got him in Moscow hopefully that Israel let him fall and mark a sign that not all gold is what is shining/Thanks

  4. Joseph Says:

    The same rope that hang monkey, the same rope can still hang Bamboo why is the International community spending this lot of money just to get this one man dead, I think the way forward is to give this money that they are spending on the victims empowerment and leave this man lives his wills he will give account of all that he has if it is true we are Christian and we also believes in Judgment every man will give account of their lives they live.

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