Quick thoughts after Iowa

1. Huckabee is good for those who really want God to be president. If he makes it, look for the American death toll in Iraq to double.

2. Hilary is like the wicked witch of the north. Eventually, you hope a house drops on her. She has more secrets than the guys who offed Hoffa.

3. Edwards is too cute and puts me to sleep. Reminds me of a young Jimmy Carter.

4. Thompson needs to drag his old, tired, ugly ass back home.

5. Romney is a Mormon. I would never vote for him BECAUSE of that. And I would never vote for anyone who is so stupid as to publicly say they don’t believe in evolution. Invest in body bags if Mitt gets in.

6. Giuliani. Like Bush, he belongs in an asylum, not the White House.  

7. McCain leaves an empty feeling in my gut and a bad taste in my mouth. He could have been great but he sold out. And he’s too damn old anyway.

8. Obama is not great, but he’s the best of the lot for what we need right now. If he does what he says he wants to, we should be ok.

What I want is someone with McCain’s military background, Dodd’s sincerity and bearing, Kucinich’s message,  Obama’s self confidence and age, Richardson’s humility and Mitt’s wardrobe. But he’s not running. 

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3 Comments on “Quick thoughts after Iowa”

  1. abi Says:

    If you add Edwards’ hair to that morphed candidate, I’d vote for him.

    I think you’re right on target with most of your post. But I’d reverse Edwards and Obama. Edwards says the right things about corporate control of government. Nothing can change until we change that. Question is, does he mean it.

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Don’t want much, do you?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hey, did you intentionally leave out feminine characteristics when you described the perfect candidate? I’m no Hillary fan, but I have to give her credit for holding her head high after everything the GOP, media and Bill put her through. That takes inner strength.

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