Is it just me or….

wtf.jpg Think about how weak the Republican field is for Huckabee to be the winner in Iowa! Out of the millions and millions of Repubs, he’s the best they’ve got and he’s a jerk. Jeez. If Obama can’t kick his ass, we are really in deep dodo.

Libya, of all countries, was just named President of the UN security council. Fits right in.

Of the $230 billion in US aquisitions and mergers during the last three months 46% of American company shares went to foreign countries. And we’re worried about a few Mexicans crossing the border?

In a related story, over 41% of the cars sold in the US in 2007 were made in Japan and Korea. And we wonder why Ford and GM keep closing plants.

Indian Ratan Tata is buying the Jaguar and Land Rover brands from Ford Motor. Maybe the price will come down. NOT!

 A Texas inmate was just released from prison after spending 26 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. DNA again. He is the 15th inmate to be released as innocent just in Dallas County! WTF are those Texas courts doing down there?

Under Islamic law, men can end a marriage by making a unilateral declaration of divorce that is repeated at least three times. In case they happen to be out and about, they can do it by sending three text messages on their cell phones. Damn, wish mine had been that easy.

 According to the AP, Bush will be asleep or passed out long before late results come in from Iowa. He doesn’t understand the legal election process anyway and besides, he’ll probably be drunk as a skunk by 8.

Nearly half of doctors questioned admitted that they prescribed dummy pills to placate patients. I wonder if the patients paid the full price?

I never shoulda stopped taking drugs. I’m going back to bed.

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11 Comments on “Is it just me or….”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    That’s one of my most serious puzzlements – why it gets us lathered up in a frenzy that the guy who washes dishes in a restaurant doesn’t speak good English, yet we don’t even notice that the US has become a shoppers delight for those with foreign currencies.

    Banks, brokerage houses, factories real estate and all kinds of businesses and assets are being bought up by foreign countries who lend us the money to piss away on iTunes and french fries. Nobody seems to care.

  2. Buffalo Says:

    We, meaning you and I and our generation, have contributed mightly to the sad state of affairs that now exist in the USA.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    I agree Cap. The sale of America is worthy of a lengthy post and, with your mastery of the language, you’re just the guy to write it.
    Buff, each generation has brought some evil into the world. The one before ours brought us Vietnam, then ours had to fight it. Ours brought the Gulf fiasco and the next has to fight it.
    But, if you recall, ours also brought freedom of speech to the forefront, with the university movements starting at Berkeley and spreading like wildfire. It was ours that protested the “bad” war so diligently that it had to be stopped.
    And, this may be good or bad, it was ours that created the PC and that little technology has changed the world so dramatically that nothing will ever be the same.
    The list goes on and on. So, while we’ve committed our share of sins, we’ve done ok.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I’ll come back to comment on the other topics, but on the Huckabee win in Iowa I say this – it’s almost, if not quite, a one-off. Huckster has a very strong Iowa support base so his “win” has less meaning. He will fair worse in NH and SC.

    Also, despite my dislike for the man, Romney has a proportionally large enough campaign warchest to overcome such setbacks, as does Hillary “the evil bitch” on the Dems’ side of the equation.

    Neither worry or get your hopes up yet…

  5. jonolan Says:

    BTW Brian, please don’t forget those of us in SpecOps who do the dirty work during peace time. I literally fought the “war on drugs” across three continents.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    Jon, welcome. Agree fully with your first post. I truly have no clue what you mean by the 2nd. Please explain…my altz is kicking in.

  7. jonolan Says:

    I was responding to “Buff, each generation has brought some evil into the world. The one before ours brought us Vietnam, then ours had to fight it. Ours brought the Gulf fiasco and the next has to fight it.”

    You left out that generation who had members in the military, in armed conflict on a regular basis, though there was no “hot” war happening.

  8. expatbrian Says:

    Ok, gotcha. Can you tell me what years you’re referring to?

  9. jonolan Says:

    Well I was specifically referencing 1985 – 1990, but the US has troops – mostly SpecOps in “peace time” – in combat situations almost every week of the year and has done so for decades.

  10. expatbrian Says:

    While I’m aware that American troops are positioned in various hotspots around the globe or sent on specific missions, these receive little press. Is that because there is no interest, the missions are covert, or what? Are Americans being killed or wounded on these missions and we are not being told? Are we engaging in firefights with foreign combatants or rebels? When you refer to “fighting the war on drug” who is engaged in the fight and what is the nature of the fight?

  11. jonolan Says:

    You’ll have to do your own research on those details, but I can say that the “war on drugs” included combat missions in support of several Central and South American governments against the various Cartels – mostly the Medellín Cartel.

    The details of most missions was covert – at least to the extent that it wasn’t publicized. Specific lasting secrecy of mission is on a case-by-case basis I presume.

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