Vaseline: For External Use Only

vaseline2.jpgThis is related to my previous post on large and small penises. It seems Asian men are injecting themselves with Vaseline and other oils in an attempt to make their penises bigger. This is right up there with the dumbest ass things I have ever heard.

Doctors in Asia are treating an increasing number of men with severe injuries who have tried to increase the size of their penises by injecting themselves with Vaseline and other oils.

In my mind, if you’re this stupid, you deserve whatever happens.

Injuries consist of severe deformations caused by tissue damage and erectile dysfunction. Gangrene can also develop if injection causes infection.

Doctors agree that when it comes to increasing the girth of the penis by injecting oils, severe side effects are the result in every case.

“Unlike breast implants where some women experience severe side effects, in all of these cases of penis enlargement by injection of oils, dangerous side effects develop,” Mr Manit said.

“The skin of the penis either dies or else becomes severely ulcerated in all cases.”

I’m sorry. Is this more information than you needed to know?

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One Comment on “Vaseline: For External Use Only”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    Just in time to keep me from attempting to correct nature’s egregious error!

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