The Veterans Hero Card

I was just reading this post by Governor Bill Richardson over at Huff. He is proposing that each and every veteran, not just those from the Iraq period, be issued what he calls a Hero Card.

More importantly, he is proposing that, due to the problems with the veterans health care system, all veterans have the right to receive free health care at any hospital in the nation. For life. Wow! What a great idea.

He is also proposing that veterans receive a 5% reduction in their federal income taxes for life and that they pay no federal income taxes at all for the first year after their service.

That, Mr. Bush, is what is called supporting the troops. Not your bullshit funding cuts and other assorted lies that help to get them killed.  

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2 Comments on “The Veterans Hero Card”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    When my health insurance climbed to almost $700.00 a month at the same time my business was going down the tubes I had to drop the insurance and sign up for my VA benefits. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. Never had good experiences with the VA.

    Have to admit that I was treated well. It was clean, the staff courteous, appointments were kept and their equipment up to date. Can’t say that I felt all warm and fuzzy about my doctor, but my ‘usual’ doctor had been top flight. I haven’t utilized them long enough to attest to the doctor’s competence.

    Appointments are hard to get, but they do have a walk-in clinic and an ER.

    Since I don’t have a service connected injury I have to “qualify” yearly to utilize the VA. If I make “too much” money they will send me elsewhere. Don’t recall that being part of the package that was presented when I signed up.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I’ve heard positive things about the VA hospitals in both Palo Alto and Sacramento CA. Never used one myself. You are right about the qualifying being a surprise. I was never informed about that either. For me, living in Singapore its pretty much academic. The nearest facilities are Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines. Oh Well. If I ever get a life threatening disease I suppose I will find out how good they are.

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