Slavery in the South – Alive and Well

This story over at Common Dreams is really disgusting. Slave labor in the US is alive and well. No, this is not the horrific story of the two maids in New York who were abused and enslaved for years by their employers. This is the story of fruit pickers in Florida.

Make sure you read enough to see how Burger King and other food companies benefit from these abusive and illegal practices.  I’m actually speechless that this kind of thing still goes on in America. And the whole world gets to read about it. No wonder they can’t stand us. They think we are the biggest hypocrites on earth and they’re right.

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2 Comments on “Slavery in the South – Alive and Well”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Stories like this aren’t new to me and I’ve heard similar stories about Florida’s sugar cane plantations. This is the real ugly story behind the silly threats that immigrants are going to take our jobs.

    Florida is heavily controlled by these corporate agriculture interests, who are also polluters of the highest magnitude and I’ve seen no attempt to do anything and little coverage, thanks to the Corporate media.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    In this regard, California is similar though there are many private albeit huge farms in addition to the corporations. Immigrants are essential to this industry simply because Americans, no matter how desperate, will not work in the fields.

    I’m not sure about Florida but in California, after sometimes violent conflicts, the United Farmworkers Union was formed by Ceasar Chavez. He is pretty much a legend there. It has certainly improved the lot of the Mexican farm worker. I’m sure however, that there are slave stories like the above in Southern California just like Florida. Many immigrants work in other industries with much less visibility.

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