Sex Ed Dramatically Reduces Teen Sex


[Reuters] Teens who have had formal sex education are far more likely to put off having sex, contradicting earlier studies on the effectiveness of such programs, U.S. condoms1.jpgresearchers said on Wednesday.They found teenage boys who had sex education in school were 71 percent less likely to have intercourse before age 15, and teen girls who had sex education were 59 percent less likely to have sex before age 15.

Teen boys who had sex ed in school were nearly 3 times more likely to use birth control the first time they had intercourse. But sex education appeared to have no effect on whether teen girls used birth control, the researchers found.

Black teenage girls who had sex education in school were 91 percent less likely to have sex before age 15.

Abstinence only does not work

Programs that focus exclusively on abstinence have not been shown to affect teenager sexual behavior, although they are eligible for tens of millions of dollars in federal grants, according to a study released by a nonpartisan group that seeks to reduce teen pregnancies.

“At present there does not exist any strong evidence that any abstinence program delays the initiation of sex, hastens the return to abstinence or reduces the number of sexual partners” among teenagers, the study concluded.

The study found that while abstinence-only efforts appear to have little positive impact, more comprehensive sex education programs were having “positive outcomes” including teenagers “delaying the initiation of sex, reducing the frequency of sex, reducing the number of sexual partners and increasing condom or contraceptive use.”

“Two-thirds of the 48 comprehensive programs that supported both abstinence and the use of condoms and contraceptives for sexually active teens had positive behavior effect,” said the report.

Bush has asked for $140 million for abstinence only sex ed funds. He refuses to fund child health programs. He is a religious fanatic, like his christian right supporters and if you want more of the same, stick Huck or Mitt in the White House.

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3 Comments on “Sex Ed Dramatically Reduces Teen Sex”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    You know that everyone of these pendejos practiced abstinence. Hypocrisy runs rampant in the streets of America.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    Gee – the was no sex education in my high school back in the Ozzy and Harriet era. Teen sex was just a fond dream. . .

  3. expatbrian Says:

    I’m from that era too Fogg, and we actually had a wonderful sex ed class by our equally wonderful Biology teacher, Fred Fisher. I remember it and he very well. That was in 1965, my second high school year. Teen sex, while no where near what it is today, was not just a dream. While intercourse was rare, handjobs were alive and well..:).

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