Rapist to Head African National Congress

zuma.jpgSince Mandela, it’s been all downhill. The ANC is a powerful and influential political entity in South Africa. It’s a shame, but no surprise to see it deteriorate into just another club of corrupt scumbags.

Jacob Zuma, as the newly elected leader of the ANC is on track to become president of South Africa despite this horrendous rape incident (in which he raped an HIV positive woman but said it ok because he took a good shower afterwards. He was head of the HIV task force at the time) and despite his current legal troubles involving an multi-million dollar arms deal. Mandela won’t endorse him and Desmond Tutu says he is not qualified for the post. Of course, he will win it anyway.

Is it just me or is Africa full of greedy, corrupt leaders who all seem to end up either on trial or in exile? The desperate poverty that exists in most of these countries will never go away as long as they settle for this kind of leadership.


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