Rare Photo of Lincoln Discovered

lincoln.jpgJust saw this in the SF Chronicle. There are only about 125 known photos of Abraham Lincoln. Two new ones have just been discovered, including this one. It is believed that this photo shows a stove-pipe hatted Lincoln on horseback (in profile facing to the left) at Gettysberg  to deliver his famous address in 1863. Wow! Full story here. Click photo to enlarge. The second photo is taken shortly after the first and shows Lincoln saluting or waving to the troops with his white gloved left hand. Both can be seen at this Civil War page

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One Comment on “Rare Photo of Lincoln Discovered”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What great pictures. (I didn’t realize there are only about 125 known pictures of Lincoln in existence.) It makes sense that it could be him the way everyone in the crowd is turned to look that way.

    Thanks for posting this. My husband is a Civil War enthusiast so I’ll have to share this with him.

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