The Rape of Nanjing


It is the 70th anniversary of the 6-week long slaughter of 300,000 Chinese, mostly civilians, by the Japanese army.

Stories emerged of children being bayoneted to death, pregnant women having their foetus cut from their stomachs, beheadings, and mutilation. It is a long list of almost unimaginable horrors and one of modern China’s darkest moments.

75-year-old Shi Xiu is a massacre survivor and she is blind.  One of the last things she saw was her mother being raped. Then, to quieten her cries she says, Japanese soldiers gouged out her eyes with a bayonet. “They were raping my mother while I stood next to her. I was only five-years-old, my mother was crying so I did too and the soldiers kept shouting at me but I didn’t understand. And then they cut my eyes.”

In 1937 the Japanese army invaded what was then the capital city of China. Over the next few weeks they mutilated, raped, tortured and murdered 300,000 Chinese. That is about 300 people per hour, 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. The level of brutality was horrific and merciless. In a word, the behavior of the Japanese, under the ultimate command of nanjing.jpgtheir emporer, was inhuman.

The Japanese government, to this day, denies the massacre at Nanjing occurred at all. They say it was war and at most, a few hundred were killed. They deny the rapes, mutilations and tortures.

They do this in an effort to save face. But in denying it,  in refusing to admit and take responsibility for their actions, they bring dishonor upon themselves and their people.

To the Japanese government: Your armies and leaders committed horrible autrocities during the war. The rape of Nanjing was singly the worst of those. Your continued denial of these events is grossly disrespectful not only to the Chinese but to the entire civilized international community.

The German government has repeatedly and humbly accepted responsibility for Hitler’s inhumane acts and has apologised to the world for them. For that they deserve and receive our respect. Until you do the same, you are deserving of neither honor nor the world’s respect . What you deserve and what you will get is our disgust. You have lost face in the eyes of the world and so far, have done nothing to gain it back.

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10 Comments on “The Rape of Nanjing”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Judging by the results of the war crimes trials after the Japanese surrender, the world’s governments denied the Rape of Nanjing as well. Oh, and the Japanese’s use of biological warfare (anthrax I think and will check on) as well.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Welcome back Jon, Yes, isn’t it strange how those who are so obviously guilty of war crimes or brutality often suffer little. The Nazis that were allowed to live in the US and those that lived out their lives in S. America, Pol Pot and his bunch, Pinochet, Shah of Iran, DeKlerk, Idi Amin, and the list goes on. It seems the opinion is, well, no matter what they have done or how many they killed and tortured, they were a world leader after all and deserve to live the good life.

  3. Capt Fogg Says:

    jonolan is right about the biological warfare. They tested various pathogens on large numbers of civilians in Korea a crime that was not only unpunished, but some of the leaders were pressed into service by the US so that we could learn how to make such weapons.

    Japan denies that too and denies the large numbers of Korean women forced into prostitution and the numbers that were essentially raped to death.

    Former Prime Minister Abe, scoffed and said “the bitches wanted it”

    My mother in law witnessed such gang rapes done to her relatives in Hong Kong when the Japanese invaded and she only escaped by a miracle.

    It’s too late for vengeance, too late for justice, but it’s not too late to punish a government run by right wing sympathizers with some of the worst crimes ever committed against humanity.

    It’s not going to be addressed by a government that uses some of the same torture techniques as those Japanese we hanged for waterboarding though.

  4. jonolan Says:


    In the case of a lot of the leaders, their comfortable exile was part of the deal for them stepping down without a bloody civil war or “regime change”. Saddam was repeatedly offered a similar cushy exile but refused.

    It will also always be the case that people who have a skill that another country needs will be offered some sort of immunity in exchange for that skill. I’m not really happy with that at all, but sometimes expediency is necessary.

    None of the above really applies to the Japanese at the end of WW2 though. I’m still trying to figure out why they got off so lightly compared to the Germans.

  5. Buffalo Says:

    A fellow by the name of Brady, (if memory serves) wrote a couple of books that were primarily about Iwo Jima and the closing days of the wars. In “Fly Boys,” (again if memory serves), he interviewed several Japanese soldiers. One of them related some atrocities committed by the Japanese in China. Even with as much as I’ve seen it made me cringe.

    My Marine brother was on Midway when the war started. He was rotated back to the World after Guadacanal and then was sent back to the Pacific. Fought in Korea and did part of a tour in the Nam during the early days.

    He and I got drunk one night a few years back. That’s when he would talk. Told me the sweetest thing he had ever smelled were the flame throwers doing their job in the caves on Guadacanal.

    Off topic I know and I apologize for it. The atrocities R.L. witnessed throughout his years in the P.T.O. …. it seemed sort of germaine.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    Everyone’s comments appreciated. The Japanese also invaded Singapore ofcourse. I have visited some of the artillery emplacements here that were set up by the British to stop a sea attack. Indeed, there are still machine gun bunkers here. The Japanese attack came over land thru Malaysia unfortunately and the rest is history.

    The old people here, including my girlfriends mother, were victims of that occupation. She won’t talk at all about it.

    I wonder if we offered Bush a sweet exile..if he would….nah

  7. sarah Says:

    personally, i cannot begin o fathom the pain inflicted upon the innocent people of nanking.
    regaurdless of age they were submitted to atrocities that must have become a life experience (if that even fits) that u would want to never remember. and so many have lost there livs. i can just see these poeple standing before me.. pleading for help… but i can do nothing. only their agony .. is all they have. but we could have done somthing .. this should not have happened.. who are we as poeple to object or refuse to move a finger, when others are forced to die for nothing .

  8. lifeinmotion Says:

    There is a growing minority in Japan who vocally deny the Rape of Nanjing and disseminate revionist literature online to a naive audience.

    • expatbrian Says:

      I’m currently teaching a course in East Asian History and found several videos and photos that were taken in Nanjing by the Japanese. It’s pretty hard to deny the evidence if you are not too lazy to do the research.

  9. odeson Says:

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