9 Go Free After Raping 10 Year Old Girl

bradleya.jpgUnbelievable. A female judge in Australia has given either probation or suspended sentences to nine men who raped a 10 year old Aboriginal girl. Justifying her ruling, racist pig-woman Judge Sarah Bradley (pictured) told the nine scumbags that the girl “probably agreed to have sex with you.”

And of course, a 10 year old girl is mature enough to make that decision, right judge?

Sarah Bradley obviously needs some “up close and personal” experience with gang rape so she has a clearer understanding of the process. Finding males willing to stick it to that uptight ugly bigot could prove challenging, however.

Boni Robertson, an Aboriginal activist in Queensland, said there could be no excuse for the judge’s decision.

“There is nothing culturally, there is nothing morally, there is nothing socially and there is definitely nothing legally that would ever allow this sort of decision to be made,” she said.

Does Sarah remind you of the prosecutor down in good ol’ Jena, Louisiana? Guess its good to know that the US is not alone in perpetuating bigotry and racism.

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5 Comments on “9 Go Free After Raping 10 Year Old Girl”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    It is the same everywhere – all the justice money can buy. The article I read said that all the “young men” came from uppper society.

    Can’t say that I’ve heard of a 10 year old offering a gang bang.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    I’ve been told many times by Ozzies of a more liberal bent, that Australia was as racist a country as you’d want to find. Sounds like it’s true.

  3. JustaDog Says:

    Liberalism is even practices there. Sad.

  4. expatbrian Says:

    Just, if you are equating the efforts to stop the racism and white supremacy in Australia with liberalism then you are definitely in the wrong blog. Go sign up for Blackwater.

  5. startswithk Says:

    How could anyone think a ten year old would agree to something like that? There is NO EXCUSE for this kind of thing. The men should all get the death penalty and the judge should go to jail for life. Regardless of what the girl may or may not have said, ten year olds are most definitely NOT old enough to *ahem*. This may or may not be true, but I read somewhere that human females aren’t old enough to have children until three years after their courses are regular. This girl probably hadn’t had her period yet, so how is she old enough to do it?
    Sorry for the long post, but I had to rant.

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