Finally, A Good Reason To Break Out the Guns


All you farmers and ranchers down along the southern border, if there was ever a time to open the rifle cabinet and prepare to defend your land, it’s now.

[SF Chronicle]The Bush administration warned landowners along the southern border Friday that it will seize their property if they refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to build a fence designed to slow illegal immigration.

Following its usual pattern of doing exactly what it wants even though all the experts think its stupid, the Bush folks are giving landowners 30 days to make up their minds to sell or fight.

“The door is still open to talk, but it’s not open for endless talk,” Jerkoff Chertoff said of the time frame that landowners have in which to respond. “We do need to get moving.”

This part of the plan is to build 370 miles of fence, mostly in Texas and Arizona, in fence2.jpgorder to keep out those pesky illegal immigrants. Bush is positive it will work because he has been assured by his advisors that hispanics, because they have never seen one before, will be utterly confused by a fence and will be incapable of figuring out how to climb over or dig under one. They’ll take one look at that scary fence, turn around and walk back home. Yup.

Not everyone agrees that this is the best idea since baked bread.

“I tell you, on this one issue, the Farm Bureau, the United Farm Workers, Democrats and Republicans, white, black, brown, everybody is against the border fence. It just doesn’t make sense,” said Juan Salinas, the county judge of Hidalgo County in Texas.

After Bush failed to get his major immigration bill passed he had to do something to show his pissed off supporters how tough he could be on the issue.

To appease conservative critics within his party and bolster support for broader reforms, Bush approved a plan in 2006 that authorized 700 miles of fencing on the border with Mexico.

Chertoff said that by the end of next year, 90-95 % of the border from the Pacific Ocean to Texas will be fenced. Wow! Well, if it doesn’t stop the flow of illegals it will surely make the US look like the dumbest country on the planet.

Even those from Bush’s home state know it’s a bad idea.

The department has encountered the most resistance in Texas, where much of the land along the border is privately owned. Ranchers and farmers complain that a fence would cut off their access to the Rio Grande, the only regional source of freshwater. Business groups say fencing will slow cross-border traffic that is crucial for local economies.

So I say break out the shells and lock ‘n load. Time to show these city slickers in Washington what happens when they try to take away a man’s private property. This could make Waco look like a Mexican vacation.

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2 Comments on “Finally, A Good Reason To Break Out the Guns”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    That wall thing – it did the Chinese so much good against the Monguls.

    If I weren’t crying so hard I would have to laugh.

  2. JustaDog Says:

    Chertoff is a worthless ass and a puppet of the president. Better to have the land owners just be given immunity to shoot anyone trespassing on their property. Think of all the money that would save – more effective than a fence.

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