Americans: Getting Just What You Deserve

I just read this at Cap’n Fogg and had to quote him. His post is talking about the Ann Coulter voter fraud case specifically and the Republican crime syndicate that runs our country in general.

“I’m too angry to be sickened. I’m angry, not at the Republicans, but at you, America; the 300 million idiots who bicker about whose bullshit religion has a better fake God and about gay marriages and football and cheap pisswater beer and iPods and Mexicans and talentless gyrating entertainers spewing mindless popular passions.

At least when the Mafia takes over a business or neighborhood, people wait until some windows and kneecaps are broken. Not us. We were just so busy proving that Jews and Wal-Mart hate Christmas that we just handed over our birthright to the Vandals without even knowing it. It’s your damn fault and I hope you like what comes next.”

Thanks for nailing it Cap, a lot better than I could.

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