The Climate Changes: Behavior Won’t


The debate has begun at the Bali climate conference and, as expected, it is getting nowhere. China is saying that only the wealthy countries should have to reduce emissions, not the “developing countries” like theirs. They contend that their economy must grow and people must be brought out of poverty first before they can participate in a cut back.

The arguement is sound as far as the developed nations leading the way, but to think that only they should participate is simply stupid and shortsighted.

It’s everyones problem and any country that is a significant polluter, like China,  is going to have to change their ways and do it soon. If not, there will be no growing economy to worry about.

head_in_sand.gifI have very little hope that any significant steps will be taken by this generation. We are far to greedy and self centered. We are not going to give up any of our comforts yet because we can’t see this crisis when we look out our window. We can’t feel this crisis when we open the door. And because we can’t see it or feel it, we can tell ourselves that it’s not really there.

We are certainly not going to vote for anyone who tells us that we have to start cutting back now. No, instead we will believe our leaders when they tell us not to worry, they have the situation under control. (The only thing they are interested in controlling is their campaign donations until they are out of office. Then it will be someone elses problem.)

Shortsighted, greedy, corrupt and wealthy. That is a description of our world leaders and those who they serve. And they have us, the people, right where they want us. Frightened, poor, distrustful of each other, and divided. As is always the case, any suffering, sacrifice, belt tightening, and additional economic burden will be ours to bear. We will do so gladly, and we will not demand that they do the same because, after all, it is they who are saving us.

But we wont have to suffer, sacrifice, or belt tighten quite yet. No action will be taken that could affect us this quickly. No, they will debate, they will schedule another “summit” for next year at another lush resort, they will take votes and compromise, they will discuss and argue. Then they will convince us, the people, that they are making substantial progress in the war on climate change. And we, the people, will believe them.

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4 Comments on “The Climate Changes: Behavior Won’t”

  1. abi Says:

    Well said. If there was ever an opportunity to unite the people of the world, it’s over this problem that all of us face. But like you say, world leaders do manage to keep us distrustful of each other and divided. It’s to their advantage, I guess, but certainly not to ours.

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Call me a cynic. We will continue to pollute and destroy our environment, Planet Earth, until the damage is so great it can’t be repaired other than by time and the eztinction of our species. To effectuate positive change the self interest of the many must switch from getting richer to saving their lives and way of life by cleaning up our mess.

  3. Capt Fogg Says:

    I don’t see history as a long smooth progression, but a series of catastrophies. I think they’re unavoidable and necessary. I don’t think we are willing to make the necessary changes in life style or anything close and I think the decisions made for us by nature will produce changes far greater and more uncomfortable than anything we have yet thought of.

    Will we have a future of 20 billion people living cheek to jowl, riding bicycles and sweating in the heat with ten people to a room or will we have a world with half the current population living in the dark? Do we cut individual energy use by half but quadruple the population? Lots of possibilities but I see none I want to experience.

  4. expatbrian Says:

    I agree. I don’t see any “comfortable” outcomes to this problem either, at least for the vast majority of the planets populations. The very wealthy and politically powerful will continue to live a lifestyle with little change. They will continue to tell us they care for us and want to help us and that God loves us while they hoard the few resources there are left in order to stay rich and powerful. They will continue to drive big cars and fly around in private jets as we are, as Fogg says, riding bicycles.

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