Who are the “representatives” representin’?

US folks love their freedom. They yell and scream about it, protest when it’s abused, spout their right to this and that and take great pride in the fact that they can say whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want to say it. They don’t do much to actually protect or fight for it though because that takes time and energy and money.

Instead, they put all their faith in a few “representatives” to protect it for them. Problem is, those “representatives” don’t represent them. They don’t represent their ideals and they don’t represent their demography.

Well over half of Americans want out of the war but the US is still in it and the “representatives” be they Democrats or Republicans aren’t doing anything meaningful to fulfill the wishes of that majority. Who would? They get paid a paltry sum to represent the people but a great deal more to represent all the private interests who profit by the war. So they follow the big bucks and the power and put the spin on it that they know the American people will believe. It’s bullshit, we even know its bullshit, but we believe it anyway because that’s easy and we all grew up being taught to trust the great government of the Unites States.

The US is made up of immigrants. There is an enormous population of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and a growing population of folks from Middle eastern countries. Are they “represented” in our government? Of course not. Sure there are a few blacks in the congress and a couple of hispanics, maybe a couple of others and a few women but for the most part it’s an organization of white men. Most of them are rich and most of them come from years of politics which means most of them are tight with those private interests even before they get to Washington.

So whose running for Pres now? One woman, one black and a whole gaggle of rich white men. Do you notice any difference in the campaigns? Nope. Same old stuff. Raise a ton of money, spend it on TV spots talking about how bad their opponent is and how only they are really sincere about changing Washington from a den of sin and crime into a just, free, caring, concerned and considerate government that loves all of its people, plants and animals.

In other words, they are spouting exactly the same crap that we’ve been hearing every time there’s an election. We’re going to hear the same crap four years from now again. It’s all more bullshit of course, but we are so desperate for change and a little relief that we are going to pray that it’s true and give them the benefit of the doubt. Again.

We need universal healthcare that is free or so cheap that everyone can get it without it driving them deeper into the poorhouse. Are we gonna get it? Of course not. What we will get is a tiny bit of relief for a small segment of the people.

What we are not going to get is any significant change that could put even the smallest dent in the profits of the healthcare industry. Why not? Because they healthcare industy, just like the weapons industry, the oil industry, the tobacco industy, the auto industy and all the others pay our “representatives the bucks they need to maintain the lifestyle they want. And fuck the rest of us.

“If your job is to protect people from the devil but there is no devil, then you damn well better create one.”

We’re going to buy it all though just like we always have because we really need all these folks to protect us from the satan that’s knocking on the door. Of course, if the rest of the world loved the US we wouldn’t need so much protecting. You know, like if we spent billions of dollars a month on helping developing nations, feeding the hungry, bringing medical care to the threatened, saving starving children, dispensing our agricultural know how and generally giving a little bit of our enormous wealth and resources to the truly needy peoples of the world, well hell, they might like us. They might appreciate and support us. They might decide not to attack us or support those who want to. Why kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg?

But if we don’t need so much protecting, then we don’t need all those “representatives” who spend all their time telling us how much we need them to provide that service. We might not need to spend those billions of dollars every month sending armies around the world, invading countries, overthrowing governments, killing thousands of people, supporting dictators that act like our buddies and oppress their own people, and all the other stuff we do to make people hate us instead of like us. 

“People don’t generally bite the hand that feeds them. But they do tend to get ornery when a bully beats them when they’re already down”.

In the past we were really threatened by a devil named Ho and a country called Vietnam. We know that because our “representatives” told us so. In order to thwart their plans to land ships and troops in San Francisco Bay and New York we invaded them, killed a few million of their folks and a few thousand of our own and then came home. Somewhere in there we were gonna win their hearts and minds but I guess we didn’t have time.

So it was no surprise that when our “representatives” told us Saddam was going to be dropping some nukes here, we agreed to go over there and wipe out those poor folks too. Not sure what happened to the hearts and minds there but it’s worked out so well that they just told us the same thing about Iran.

We’d be ready to go there but it seems we’re plum out of soldiers. Not a problem. We can wait a few years for our current 5th and 6th graders to come of age so they can go kill those folks before they kill us.

I’m wondering who it’s going to be after Iran. I had never heard of Vietnam before they became a threat to world peace. I wonder if I’ve heard of the country we have to be protected from next. I’m thinking we better keep an eye on Jamaica.

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22 Comments on “Who are the “representatives” representin’?”

  1. liam11 Says:

    you had probably never heard of that kid who shot up the mall until he shot up the mall either.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Very true. And he did it with one of those 270 million guns that Americans insist they need to “defend” themselves. I for one can only remember one news item in the last two decades where a gun was used for defense and saved ones life. I do read alot about the thousands of people who are killed by them in the US each and every year though. Guess this guy was carrying in case he had to defend himself against some rogue shoppers.

  3. liam11 Says:

    there is a website that one of my gun happy republican friends always talks about when ever gun issues come up that cites every case that a civilian used a gun to stop a crime, etc… im anti gun so not interested in looking it up…

    but just saying, there will always be a next country on our watch list just like there will always be a bunch of crazies out there.

  4. expatbrian Says:

    You are right again Liam. In the US anyway. I live in a country where there are NO guns and the crime rate is next to nothing. It’s also a country that has not been in a war since the Japanese invaded it over half a century ago. It is also a country that operates on a surplus EVERY year. Most importantly, its a country where I can let my young girls go out at night, even to a mall, by themselves and not worry about anything happening to them. Thats, why I live here, not there.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    Btw Liam, thanks for the comments and for stopping by.

  6. liam11 Says:

    Are your immigrants and minorities respresented in your country?

  7. expatbrian Says:

    Firstly, if you havent read the About section, I am an American living in Singapore. This is a very cosmopolitan place with lots of folks from different countries. Most are Chinese with a large segment of Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian and then the expats from US, UK, Scandinavian countries and a few French and German. About half Buddhist and the rest are Christian, Hindu, Tao and a few smaller religions.

    Racial and religious harmony are big deals here and any conflict is frowned upon. Pretty much people get along, in large part because the asian culture is one in which honor is valued very highly, and to behave dishonorably is intolerable, even to the one behaving that way. Could use a little of that atmosphere in Washington, huh?

  8. Capt Fogg Says:

    I think that sense of personal and family honor explains far more than any other factor. In a country of this size and with 300 million people, the number of rogue shootings is minuscule. The real problem is organized crime and gang warfare and that means “war on drugs” and poverty for the most part.

    I did in fact once have to invoke “lex Beretta” to convince a dozen or so thugs to vacate my property in 2004 after a hurricane left us incommunicado. I didn’t have to draw the thing, but having it holstered gave little me sufficient credibility.

    Anyway, I put the blame for America’s violent streak on America’s back. We are violent and angry people in our entertainment, our politics and our religion.

  9. liam11 Says:

    I think America has it’s problems cause it’s an entirely diferent beast than a country like singapore, not because of poor leadership (although we have that too).

    Is it really a crime to chew gum and do you get canned if you litter?

  10. expatbrian Says:

    The western press loves to exploit this issue since the 16 year old american tagger got a few butt wacks. He got off lucky. Yes, caning does happen here, for men only and under 50 years old for certain offenses. It is not done because anyone believes that a little pain will deter crime. It is done because to be caned is considered very dishonorable and as such, there are many who will do anything, including staying crime free, to avoid it. Singapore also hangs drug dealers and anyone who uses a gun in a crime. I probably don’t have to tell you that both are very rare.

    You are right that the US is entirely different. I think its way to big to be controlled by one government and have always supported California breaking away from the union. But that won’t happen. At my age, I decided to just move to a place where living a lawful, honorable, safe and peaceful life are valued even above being rich and having a bigger car or nicer garden than your neighbor.

    Chewing gum and spitting in public are both minor crimes, yes. Gum is not sold here. Guess what. The result is you never step in anyones discarded gum or spit, you don’t have black marks all over the sidewalk outside of 7-Elevens, and as a result, Singapore has a reputation as the cleanest city in the world. It is. I have gum. I chew it occassionally. But I don’t spit it out on the sidewalk. Not because I’m afraid of the law, but because I have a little respect for others here. THAT is what is missing in the US. Honor and respect.

  11. Capt Fogg Says:

    Interesting BBC poll results out – seems that something like 70% of western Europe and the US prefer a free press to social stability – it’s almost the reverse in Singapore.

    Very different cultures.

  12. expatbrian Says:

    People here complain about the “lack of freedoms” they enjoy a lot. I really don’t understand it. Most of what they might lack simply gets abused anyway. Whats the difference between a newspaper that is edited by the government for political content and one that is edited by the mega company that owns it? The KKK doesn’t have the right to march here either. Can’t say as I mind that.

    There is a lot to be said for social stability and freedom is not all its cracked up to be.

  13. liam11 Says:

    instead of supporting the idea of breaking away from the union why not support the conservative idea of states rights?

  14. expatbrian Says:

    States have the rights that the federal government allows them to have and thats not going to change. If the states could completely use their own tax base to improve their services and support themselves, without the feds bleeding off most of those dollars that would be great. Not gonna happen either.

    California just got a federal judge to say they could impose thier own, stricter, emmission standards. Horray for that! Talk about a state that should break away from the union, California, being the 5th largest economy in the world could surely lead the way.

    Don’t be surprised if you see some states trying to get break away before the entire US ship sinks in a quagmire of their crumbling economy.

  15. liam11 Says:

    The constitution also says what the federal govt can’t do and that protects the states rights, so they don’t have to only worry about what the federal govt allows them to do. And the reason that no state would leave the union and no sane person would suggest that is because while they may have great economies, healtcare and standards no state could have a military to protect itself and the US would just end up having to come in and protect them.

  16. liam11 Says:

    …but i agree that California is great for doing what it is doing, and believe that states standards and private companies standards and consumers standards should always be higher than the federal govt and that doesnt mean the federal govt doesnt care it’s becasue it’s not thier job.

  17. expatbrian Says:

    The constitution also limits the powers of the president. Seen it working lately? I disagree as far as the military capability of a state. California has over 30 million people to draw from and plenty of resources. But even that is not the point. The US has treaties with many countries concerning military assistance. They also supply more arms than any other country in the world. There is no reason a state could not enjoy the same arrangements. Maybe a state that did not piss off the rest of the world with their military might, did not try to overthrow sovereign governments, did not kill innocent civilians…maybe such a state would not need such a large military to protect itself. There are many countries in the world that do not maintain large militaries and yet never get attacked or invaded by anybody! I live in one.

  18. liam11 Says:

    true, but most of those countries know 100% that if they were ever attacked the US would be there in a heartbeat.

  19. expatbrian Says:

    Only those who have treaties. The US is not interested in sending assistance to just anyone who needs it. There are slaughters going on all over the world as we speak and the US is not lifting a finger to help them. Why? Because if there is no reward, no pay back, nothing to get in return, then it is just not important economically. On the other hand, there are those countries who torture and abuse their own citizens, have fascist governments and yet we support them in a heartbeat. See Saudi Arabia. See Pakistan. Follow the money and follow the oil resources. That’s where the US will be.

  20. liam11 Says:

    I dont think any states interested in leaving would plan on slaughter their own… therefor they would know that we would be there to protect them, especially based on location. If someone attacked mexico or canada we would be there regardless of thier internal politics

  21. expatbrian Says:

    Mexico and Canada are both trade partners and allies. What’s your point? And who said anything about states slaughtering their own?

    My point is, the US is no longer perceived as the beacon of liberty and the savior of nations by the outside world. Instead, they are feared as unpredictable and greedy. Because they show support for so many nations that oppress their own people and are not democracies they are scorned as hypocrital as well they should be. I have been in 3 foreign countries in the last month and more than that since 9/11. I see it. I feel it.

    Now these countries have something else to fear about the US. It’s crumbling economy. So many commodities and trade depend on the stability of the US dollar that many countries are now questioning that standard.

    I don’t know what news you are depending upon but you might want to broaden your sources. The US is in trouble and they are circling the wagons. The rest of the world is the indians and they are worried.

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