Navy Chaplain Invades Midshipman’s Underwear

usa-navy-corps_05.gifQUANTICO, Va. —  An HIV-positive Navy chaplain was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison after pleading guilty to forcible sodomy and other charges.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Lt. Cmdr. John Thomas Lee, 42, of Burke, Va., was sentenced after entering a plea agreement at his court-martial at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in northern Virginia. Lee admitted having sex with an Air Force officer without disclosing that he had HIV and forcing himself on a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman.

The Catholic Chaplain used his rank and his position of trust to coerce the recruit into sex. Just another disgusting member of the cloth.

The forcible sodomy occurred in the fall of 2004, when the midshipman was in his junior year. The midshipman, who was not identified, had previously received counseling from Lee, and said he allowed Lee to perform oral sex on him because he was intimidated by Lee’s status as a chaplain.

Can anyone tell me why this guy only got two years for forcible rape? Does the Navy think that a little “butt banging” is a good way to toughen up the troops before going to Iraq? Or is this just another case of the military covering up another in a long list of their horror stories? I’m not one to condone violence, but in the case of this chaplain I think it’s justified. I hope someone gets the chance to inflict it upon him.

With all of the publicity about Catholic church sexual abuse over the last few years, I’m surprised that anyone of any age is willing to be caught alone with a member of that clergy.

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One Comment on “Navy Chaplain Invades Midshipman’s Underwear”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    I’m betting it is the Navy. After all, th chaplain was an officer and a gentleman. The church has had their feet held to the coals long enough they should know you take the hit and go on.

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