George Bush is a liar

He lied to convince us to let him go to war in Iraq and we believed him. Now he has been caught in another lie. This time to lead us into war with Iran.He said Iran had nukes. That was a lie. Then he said they could produce nukes in short order. That was a lie. He said he just learned about the NIE. That’s a lie.

Now he says the new report won’t change policy because Iran could still start their nuke program again and supply terrorists with nukes. That’s a lie.

I have this question. If Iran did actually produce a nuclear weapon – knowing that our intellegence community would be aware of it – would they give it to a terrorist group instead of keeping it themselves? Why? And would they actually take a chance of using it against the US knowing that the response would be annihilation of their country? I think not and of course Bush knows that as well.

But he is going to try once again to scare us into allowing him to run rampant over the world and invade another country and get thousands more Americans killed.

I sincerely hope we are not going to fall for his lies again.

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2 Comments on “George Bush is a liar”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    It is a sorry state of affairs when a so called democratic republic can allow themselves to be lead, steered, or driven as we Americans have for the last seven years.

    There are some who still wonder how Germany could have allowed Hitler …

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Yup, and good analogy.

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