Chimps Outwit College Students


 Scientists pitted chimpanzes against college students to see which group could demonstrate better memory skills using a simple numbers grid that would appear and disappear. The results? Chimps were twice as capable of remembering numerical orders. Interesting stuff. Read it here

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4 Comments on “Chimps Outwit College Students”

  1. Hartmut Jager h.j Says:

    When you put your mouse over the chimp picture (in the ‘Chimps Outwit College Students’ article) it says monkey. A chimp in is NOT a monkey – but an APE. Enough of this Monkey-Business already.
    Our closest relative deserves more serious recognition.


  2. Hartmut Jager Says:

    What? Reply to myself? OK then, …I have herewith officially replied. I have no doubt that the world will be a better place because of it.

    Cheerio, 🙂 monkey-friend

  3. expatbrian Says:

    That picture was a steal from Google images and the label came with it. I’m fully aware that chimps are apes. But good catch anyway.

  4. Hartmut Jager Says:

    Hi expatbrian,

    I am very glad that you know your monkey-business.
    With so many monkeys around these days, that knowledge is very useful, if not essential.
    (If more would have known, Super-Monkey Bush may not have been voted into office – TWICE!)

    YeeHaw ! ! !
    Hartmut 🙂

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