Can the Peace Movement Win? YES

haydenweb.gifThis is a very long and very important article outlining the steps necessary to overcome both the White House’s plan for prolonging the war and the Democrat’s weakening resolve to end it.

Those of you born after about 1970 may not know Tom Hayden, but he was a key voice in the successful protests that led to an end to the Vietnam war. For years he was a highly respected member of the California legislature and a champion of progressive causes.

Hayden understands the politics and the steps it will take, between the politicians and the people, to end this war quickly.  

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4 Comments on “Can the Peace Movement Win? YES”

  1. du2vye Says:

    Nice article. Maybe Hayden should run in 2008.

    The 2008 election is going to be hard to vote in. I think I’m angier at Democrates for being so stupid that I’m writting in Colbert.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Colbert’s as good a choice as any. I don’t believe or trust any of them because none of them actually represents the people. A tiger and an ant are ultimately in the same food chain but the tiger neither knows nor understands the ant. He will trample him though to get where he wants to go.

  3. Hartmut Jager Says:

    I have not read the article, but I am sure it is a VERY important one, isn’t every article ever written (or claim to be)???
    All I know is that Tom Heyden was married to Jane Fonda – and that is the REALLY important stuff!
    As to the Question CAN THE PEACE MOVEMENT WIN?
    ONLY when Humans stop being Stupid, Violent and Greedy!
    I think that answers the question !

  4. expatbrian Says:

    The peace movement won in the late 60’s and early 70’s despite the greed, violence and stupidity of those in power. Had the students and later the masses not demonstrated so persistently, who knows how long that messy war would have dragged on.

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