Genocide: A Pretty Safe Business

swastika1.pngA Jewish human rights group has launched a last-ditch initiative to find Nazi war criminals who may still be hiding in South America. 

 The centre’s Last Chance project started in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in July 2002 and has turned up 488 suspected Nazi criminals in 20 countries. Among those still believed to be alive and living in Argentina or Chile is 93-year-old Aribert Heim, known as “Doctor Death,” who has a $450,000 bounty on his head.

In addition to seeking a final justice, efforts like this are apparently supposed to relay the message that, if you commit war crimes or other crimes against humanity, you will be sought out and brought to justice no matter how long it takes. You know, so others will think twice before they commit similar acts. Problem is, that strategy only works if people give a shit.

No, I don’t think that is the message these efforts send at all. I think the message is this.  If you commit war crimes and inhuman acts you probably won’t have to worry about being prosecuted at all and if you are, it will be decades before that happens. You’ll probably die of old age first which is exactly what has happened to most of the Nazis.

The industialized or free world  doesn’t really care about bringing these criminals to justice because there is no profit motive and moral justice no longer matters. Thus, any effort to find these criminals will be possible only through private funding and because of that it may take decades to bring them before courts, if at all. 

The very same situation exists with the mass murdering Khmer Rouge who only now, over 30 killing.jpgyears later, are being brought before the courts in Cambodia. Well, 4 or 5 of them are anyway. Why? Because the Cambodians could not raise the few million dollars to make it happen sooner and heaven knows the US or Europe is not going to give it to them.  No return on investment.  Now think Darfur, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Congo. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anything to happen to the slaughterers in those god forsaken places.

So mass murder and rape, genocide, ethnic cleansing….these are pretty safe crimes as far as the potential to escape justice. On the other hand,  if you’re a black kid who hits a white kid, or a black man that looks sideways at a white woman in the American South, that is a totally different story…..

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3 Comments on “Genocide: A Pretty Safe Business”

  1. lobobreed Says:

    Great great blog. You speak the truth. — Silverwolf

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Thanks for that and for stopping by.

  3. Rotsae Says:

    ” Problem is, that strategy only works if people give a shit…The industialized or free world doesn’t really care about bringing these criminals to justice”
    So true

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