The Un-Godly House of Saud

burkha.jpgThe 19 year old girl in Saudi Arabia who is going to be whipped 200 times and imprisoned, has now “confessed” to committing adultery. OH MY GOD. I SAY STONE THE SLUT TO DEATH! This is obviously far more dispicable than the fact that she was gang raped by several Saudi men. In fact, given this new information, it is most probable that she wasn’t raped at all. She was willingly “pulling a train”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Seriously, what is really clear is that, if she “confessed” at all it is only because it was beaten out of her or her family was threatened. That is the way of Saudi justice.  

These disgusting backwoods Saudi “royalty”  make me sick. What makes me even sicker is that Bush plays buddy-buddy with these guys, making it appear as if we as Americans support and approve of them.

Well, I have news for you, King whatever-your-name-is. We don’t support you. We don’t approve of you. In fact, we hate your disgusting guts. You and the rest of your pompous “royal” family are just another bunch of racist, sexist, backwards pigs forcing your archaic and violent will on your people under the guise of religion.

The only difference between you and them is not your so called “royalty”. It’s just that you have the money. But one day your oil will run out. More likely, the US will invade your sorry country and confiscate it. 

I  believe that what goes around comes around. I hope that one day your women will be powerful enough to take off their oppressive burkhas and shove them up your royal asses. Oink!

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One Comment on “The Un-Godly House of Saud”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    And won’t they laugh if George dares to chastise them for their “interrogation” techniques! Not only are the Bush’s in bed with the Saudi’s, they’re using all the dollars they make from us with the help or our oily first family to buy up US corporations. Bush isn’t saying anything because there isn’t a damned thing he can say.

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