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snake-bites-face.jpgI thought I had a handle on the political and religious sex crime beat but Agitprop puts me to shame with his Cocktober and Blowvember coverage. Shakes has the story on why our troops have to pay if they get wounded. Here’s the raw story on Rove stabbing Bush in the back. Nolocontendre, with her usual sharp wit, explains why Colorado women who have the gall to menstruate may be arrested for murder. Of course when it comes to wit, The General is the master. Here he questions plans for cameras on the beaches designed to catch folks doing a variety of nasties. Huff’s got the world through Bush Colored Glasses.

Big Ass Belle is being harassed by some vandalizing punks. They are making a biiiiiiiig mistake. Finally, and more seriously, Digby takes a stand against trying children as adults with this story about 8 and 9 year old boys being arrested for “rape”. And I agree with her when she says,

“American culture has always been violent and somewhat backwards in these ways, at least compared to other first world countries. But in the last couple of decades we seem to be nurturing it to the extent we have lost all common sense and certainly any sense of proportion. Arresting little boys on charges of felony rape is not only ridiculous on it’s face, it demeans the entire justice system.”

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