Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

I’m afraid it’s game, set, and match people. 


“If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late,” said Rajendra Pachauri, a scientist who heads the IPCC. “What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment.”

“The sense of urgency when you put these pieces together is new and striking,” said Martin Parry, a British climate expert. “I’ve come out of this process more pessimistic about the possibilities than I thought I would do.”

Global warming is “unequivocal.” Climate change will bring “abrupt and irreversible changes.”

These are a few of the quotes following the release of the most recent report by the IPCC. News of it is all over the net and the MSM so I won’t get into that here. I just have a few comments.

Global warming, an issue that western leaders find very uncomfortable, is a fact of life and could very easily become the fact of our death. Don’t depend on your government, especially in the US, to solve this problem for you. They won’t. Indeed, they are doing everything possible to discredit the scientists and hide the issue. No one in Washington is prepared to tell rich industrialists that the time of their obscene profits and deadly pollution must end.

It is not going to get better. As long as politicians are responsible for addressing and solving this nightmare, it’s only going to get worse. I believe it is already irreversable simply because immediate action is necessary and there is no one in power willing to take it. They will have more meetings, and more international commissions and further studies and lengthy reports and unending debates. By then it will be way too late.

Gordon Brown, pronouncing that Great Britain would “lead the way” in the effort to stop global warming, showed just why it won’t happen. He called the report a “wake up call”. I have news for him. It’s only a wake up call because he and other western leaders didn’t WAKE UP when these reports started coming out years ago. Instead, like the lying self serving bastards they all are, they did everything they could to cover them up. He further blustered that Great Britain brought forth the first climate change bill in history.

I have more news for you, Gordon. Mother nature doesn’t give a shit about your bills or your speeches or your meetings or your reports or your debates. Mother nature only cares about the choking emissions coming out of the millions of cars that you and your buddy, George do nothing to control. She only cares about the millions of tons of poisons that flow out of factories and into the air – not in Africa, not in the rain forests, not in the Outback, not in the deserts and forests – but in the INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS. You know, where the rich people live.

Ah, the rich people. Those who own those factories, including car factories. Those who lobby against every clean air bill and every emission control bill. Those who insist they are doing everything they possibly can to protect the environment. Those who have so much power that they can walk into the Oval Office, shit on the desk, and tell the president to eat it up. And he will and he does.

These rich people are very aware of the coming climate apocalypse. So is our government. But instead of informing us that this is going to mean sacrifice and a change in our obscenely abundant lifestyles, instead of preparing for the stark changes to come, they are going to hoard even more of the natural resources necessary to keep us going just a little bit longer in the lifestyle we are so accustomed to. 

air-pollution1.jpgOr I should say, in the lifestyle THEY are so accustomed to. Trust me, the rich will continue to live exactly like they have been. Their lifestyles will not only be maintained but will improve as they secure more control over the worlds resource wealth. The rest of us, as is already the case, will bear more of the burden, continue to get poorer, and though all the evidence will be contrary (as it has always been) we will continue to believe that these same filthy rich and powerful people are going to SAVE US.

That is the huge joke among the rich. They vacuum up all of the available wealth, be it money or resources, which increases the numbers of poor and the poor still believe in them. They laugh all the way to the bank with our money.

The rich, with the full cooperation of our government and military, will take control of a large chunk of the remaining oil supply. They will bypass environmental legislation so they can drill in protected areas, cut down trees in National forests, deplete already endangered fisheries, and eventually cut down on food exports to poor nations overseas.

The Endangered Species Act will be abandoned and they will justify this in such a way that we will believe it and agree with it, like we do with everything else the rich say. I mean, what good are gorillas and polar bears and tigers and elephants for Americans anyway? I realize they are nice to look at but that’s why God made TV, right? We’re in a crisis here. Who are you going to save? Vicious wild cats or your children? And why should we care about thousands of poor Africans dying from starvation and thirst? We never have before.slashnburn.jpg

This IS the big one, folks. Unless we the people take immediate and meaningful action aimed at our  governments, and our resource depleting industries, unless we are willing to substantially change our consumer habits, unless we are willing to give up some luxuries that others in the world have never needed anyway, then our grand children will be the victims of our selfishness, our arrogance and our greed.

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6 Comments on “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)”

  1. Good rant. I’m afraid you’re right about the murderous, manipulative bastards. To me ever since Reagan and especially since 9/11, they’ve been showing us that it’s balls to the wall and there’s no stopping them, that all bets were off and anything that got in their way was going to be destroyed. No more treaties, moderation, laws, you name it.
    It’s because of this that I’ve come to accept that we’re in for exceedingly rough times dead ahead. I think what will stop them will be the natural world biting us on the ass so hard that nothing else will matter, and their vicious games will have to cease. Only then will we have a chance to start a new direction, if we can survive, until then (to me maybe just a few years from now) we’re in for a massive world of hurt.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    I truly think that nothing much can be accomplished by hybrid cars or solar power or any of the other feel-good products that are part of the problem. Cutting down on energy consumption by 25% won’t help of the population goes up by 40% and most of the world is not going to stop trying to rise up from abject poverty and disease because we decide to drive electric cars.

    I think it’s already much too late and all that will save the species is an utter disaster that wipes out most of us.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Atlanta, Georgia has an answer for their drought. Faced with a reservoir that only has an 80 day supply of water before going completely dry, authorities got together and prayed for rain!

  4. expatbrian Says:

    I have to agree with the Capn here. I think its way too late to reverse what is going to happen. Man, in his quest to improve his lot, has succeeded in destroying his very house. Along the way he has wiped out the other creatures that are critical to the food chain and natural balance.

    I believe the day of reckoning is upon us and it has nothing to do with God. Man was able, willing, even eager to totally fuck it up all on his own.

  5. TRM Says:

    In fifty years I am going to come back to this very thread and ask you, what happened? Where’s your apocolypse?

  6. expatbrian Says:

    I would love that TRM, cos it would mean I would live to be at least 108!

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