19 Year Old Saudia Woman Gang Raped – Gets 200 Lashes

moderate_saudi_arabia.jpgA young Saudi woman who was viciously gang raped 14 times by at least 7 men, has been sentenced to 90 lashes for brazenly sitting in a car with a  man who was not her relative. Imagine the nerve of this hussey!

She appealed the sentence and, because she did so, it was increased to 200 lashes. And her lawyer, who helped her with the appeal?

The victim’s lawyer was suspended from the case, has had his licence to work confiscated, and faces a disciplinary session.

Hey. Makes sense to me. We can’t have women sitting in cars with unrelated men. Next thing you know they’ll be actually riding around with them. Then it’s dating and before you know it, they fall in love and…. Jeebus, where does it end? And it does absolutely no good for the already deteriorating incest rate.

I say teach ’em a lesson they won’t soon forget. Especially these minority Shia women (as this one was). She had the guts to accuse Sunni men. Well, what does she expect? Sitting in a car…disgusting. She was probably wearing one of those colored burkas, too! 

And what of these 7 fine young men who were so brutally victimized by this slutty 19 year old Shia? Well, instead of the Death Sentence they could have recieved, they got between 1-10 years.

I doubt if you will here Bush condemning his buddies in Saudi Arabia though. We only condemn human rights abuses and torture, and even murder when it’s our enemies. article here.

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8 Comments on “19 Year Old Saudia Woman Gang Raped – Gets 200 Lashes”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    The Bush family plays golf with them, they give secretaries of state presents of Jaguars. They finance terrorist schools and they’re our buddies. They have an absolute totalitarian government right out of the dark ages. The have public beheadings and they mutilate people for petty crimes. They’re our allies.

    And still people call me names for not supporting Bush.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Yes, all this is true. And you are obviously a pinko, commie loving, troop hating, hippie doper bastard….just like me.

  3. Salim khan Says:

    Hi folks..this is a good piece of law..for shia women.. and prostitutes who must not involve in extra marital affairs and illicit affairs..
    they must not have affairs with other..and girls must be in their limits..

  4. expatbrian Says:

    Salim, It is an uncivilized, ungodly and archaic law designed to oppress women and treats them as less valuable than sheep. It shows that those countries who practivce it, such as Saudi Arabia, are not ready to join the world community. Indeed, it is disgusting.

    I am no fan of western greed and ultra consumerism. My feelings towards the corruption and crimes of my government are well documented here. But to brutalize and torture women just so men can be more assured of having a ready pool of virgins available and maintain their power, is nothing short of horrifying to the rest of the world. Just what is the penalty for men who keep the company of strange women or who have sex before or outside of marriage?

  5. Capt Fogg Says:

    Sounds to me like the Sharia vermin are so terrified of their sexual incompetence that they’re willing to commit any kind of hideous crime to “protect” their women.

    You’re more polite to Salim than I could be. I would stand by and laugh if I saw him being sodomized by a pig and I would have more respect for the pig than for him.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    On second thought…you’re right again, Capn. Salim, you limp dicked, impotent piece of pig dung who cannot get it up even to bugger a sheep (though you try) stay the fuck off of my blog.

  7. Tanvir Ahmed Says:

    This is disgusting , i dont know what kind of Islam the Saudis are following , it is not the Islam we know of and what we follow , this is a very radical form of Islam the saudis follow , in the olden days also no one followed this kind of beliefs and dictats . The Olden days Islam was so equal for all , the term for rape was swift and just .

  8. expatbrian Says:

    Tanvir, thanks for your comment. I am certainly no expert on Islam. And even though I now live among many Muslim people, I don’t really understand the differences between those from Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia and all of the other predominantly Muslim countries and cultures. Perhaps it is just differing degrees of adherence based on differing interpretations of the holy teachings. Don’t know.

    But I do know that those Muslims I have contact with here in Singapore are a happy, relaxed lot. The girls wear their head coverings with levis and fill the shopping malls like everyone else. There are no burkas here. Perhaps you can enlighten us on the variations.

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