Catholic Clergy are not just a bunch of Closet Gays

nun.jpgNo they are not, and I must apologize for all of my previous posts lambasting priests for their priestly pedophile gayness if I made it sound as if they represented all of the Catholic clergy. This article  clearly shows that there are healthy heterosexuals working in the Catholic churches and schools as well.

Yes, I know. It IS a nun and she IS molesting children. But at least they were not the same gender and that shows progress!

So what if she had sex over a 100 times apiece with two different young boys. That just shows me a good old fashioned, healthy randiness. And I’m sure she removed the ring that signifies her MARRIAGE TO THE LORD while she was feeling and tasting their little soldiers. And of course she removed her habit when she exposed them to her garden of eden.

Actually, I’m sure that she looked nothing like the picture above. She was most certainly an old, fat, ugly bitch who used her authority to force two frightened, confused young boys to commit acts that they knew were disgusting but had no power to refuse. Jesus! Is anyone else getting the feeling that this is way more pervasive than we can imagine? Is there any clergy in this church that are not  goddamn perverts?

Maybe someday, in the distant future, the Catholic clergy will actually start behaving like, well….Christians. You know, like they demand of all  of their parishoners. Ah, and that’ll be a fine day!

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2 Comments on “Catholic Clergy are not just a bunch of Closet Gays”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    You’re probably right – I’ve never seen one that looked like Sally Fields. Sadly, I’m pretty sure this sort of thing has been going on for centuries and probably will continue until there’s no more money to pay the lawsuits or they drop the celibacy thing.

  2. Jeebus, the nuns at the catholic school I went to didn’t look like the sister in that picture.

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