Dumber than Dumb


The evidence that Bush is, without question, the dumbest president of all time and certainly the poorest excuse for a leader in the free world today.

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4 Comments on “Dumber than Dumb”

  1. Hamid Says:

    what is wrong with him? as I’m not a English native speaker and I sometime need to memorize my speech when presenting in English, it seem like he was trying to say the line that he had prepared but he failed to remember those lines miserably….

    No offence, but what make me wonder the most is how you American can vote him as President, not once but twice? dont you have any campaign like debate or something like that? how come those dumbness was unnoticeable?

  2. expatbrian Says:

    we didnt elect him. voting machines were tampered with in both elections, first in Ohio and then in Florida where his brother is governor. He lost the popular vote in 2004 but won on a fraudulent count. It is all well documented if you have a mind to look.

  3. hamidullah Says:

    oh well, so democracy has flaws in the end of the day… but I just cant imagine that the cost of its flaw is as worst as Bush elected as US President….

  4. expatbrian Says:

    I don’t know if “democracy” has flaws or not but the current US democracy certainly does. The majority of Americans know that Bush is the worst president of all time and a very dangerous one. We know what he has done to our reputation throughout the world. We don’t support him or his war. But he and our congress are in the pockets of big business and nothing short of revolution will change that.

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