Democratic leader to Yahoo CEO: China policy is ‘spineless’

logo_yahoo2.jpgThat headline on this article makes me want to puke. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Congressmen called Yahoo execs “spineless” due to their participation with the Chinese government in a censorship issue. Information provided by Yahoo led to the arrest and incarceration of one or two journalists.

While that is certainly spineless and shows greed and profit are more important to Yahoo than are human rights (big surprise), for a group of lawmakers who are directly responsible for a war, untold tens of thousands of deaths, millions being displaced from their homes and their country, torture, loss of human decency, etc etc, etc, to have the guts to rave against them for two journalists just shows what a bunch of useless assholes they are. ALL OF THEM.

We are not in Iraq today because of George Bush. We are there because of a congress that is more concerned with lining their pockets with lobbyist dollars, accepting bribes, living the good life and paying off old friends then they are with any soldiers lives or any grieving families or any sick children or any tortured detainees. They don’t give a shit about any of that as long as THEY GET THEIRS.

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3 Comments on “Democratic leader to Yahoo CEO: China policy is ‘spineless’”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Yes, and what about our government’s spineless participation in spying on Americans? New testimony seems to indicate they’ve been listening in on almost all phone calls, not just the overseas ones.

    We’re losing the right to criticize almost any country.

  2. abi Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Congress could have stopped the war before it ever got started.

    We aren’t going to get our country back until congress makes some fundamental changes, like outlawing paid lobbying, and instituting term limits. But there’s no way these cowards are going to stand up to lobbyists, or do anything that will jeopardize their royal lifestyle.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    “…until congress makes some fundamental changes”. No abi, thats not right. It is until the American Voting Public makes some fundamental changes. The first change should be for the 50% who don’t care enough to vote at all to change their ways. The next change is to organize much better than you are right now so you have group power. The government loves to keep people divided and squabbling because then you pose no threat of power as a group.

    Then it is up to the people to install public financed elections and eliminate lobbying dollars. You do that as a group by convincing congress persons, all of them, that not one of them will be re elected unless they support the idea. Same with term limits.

    America is over 200 years old now and the people still don’t believe they have the power to enact these changes. You do. You just have to use it. But first you have to stop allowing your “representatives” to decide who it is they want to represent.

    They are supposed to represent you. Make them. And you are supposed to tell them what to do and how to vote. Start doing it. And STOP BELIEVING ALL THE CRAP THEY KEEP SAYING. My God, I can’t even believe how gullible Americans are – STILL. Washington keeps lying and you keep eating it up.

    Your country is going down the toilet while you cower in the corners, frightened and hoping your “government” will save you. They have no intention of saving you. They love to have you cower. They DESIGNED it that way.

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