Just another Catholic Priest molesting kids story – yawn

Well, I’m trying to stay vigilant about this but you have to admit,  its happening so often that Catholic priests sodomizing children is getting to be very ho-hum. Here we have another pedophile priest who likes those boys around 9-14.


Child Molester and Pedophile – Father Donald McGuire

First he gets them all excited by showing them some good pornography and talking about sex – certainly stuff that 9 year old boys should be exposed to – by their priest. Then he introduces them to some good Catholic priest oral sex. For those who don’t know, Catholic priest oral sex is the kind that they can have even under a vow of Chastity and Abstinence. 

Since the church has shown time and again that they have no intention of seriously dealing with this issue (except to pay off settlement claims) I think I have another solution.tyrocgrell.jpg

Perhaps the church ought to hire some nice young (but legal) gay prostitutes for these priests who cannot control their sanctimonious urges. Let’s see. There are about 140 diocese in the US. And let’s say the church hires 10 gay prostitutes for each diocese. Because most of the time the priests are the suck-er and not the suck-ee, these young men need time to re-charge. But that should be enough to handle the demand if they work full time and rotate weekends.

Ok, so that is 1400 full time gay prostitutes. If the church pays them a decent salary of say, $50,000 a year each, that would be $70 million. WOW! That’s a whole lot less than the $600 million the church had to pay out in settlements in Los Angeles and that was just one city! Hell, at that price, the church could afford to pay these guys medical, dental and maybe even vision!

I’m sure the church’s insurance companies would love this idea. And since Bush can make us believe anything, he could spin this to be His Idea as a way to reduce unemployment.

The only down side is…well, you know..those Catholic priests are gonna miss those innocent, young, virginal, hairless, believe-anything-they-say youngsters.

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One Comment on “Just another Catholic Priest molesting kids story – yawn”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Face it, catholics with sexual “issues” sometimes enter the priesthood as a means to prevent themselves from doing the behaviors that bother them – behaviors like homosexuality and pedophilia. Of course this doesn’t work in most cases; if they could stop themselves they wouldn’t have “needed” to join the priesthood in the first place. As long as the Catholics have a titularly celibate priesthood this will continue.

    You’re right, this is a “ho hum” issue. Pedophilia happens and it happens in the catholic clergy for reasons I’ve just stated. The only real issue is how the Catholic church responds to it.

    Great post!

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