Condi installs the Draft


I just love this story. Condi has, for the first time in history I believe, installed the draft for state department diplomats. About 50 are going to be condoleezza-rice-71.jpgdrafted to serve in Iraq for a year. I wonder if they’ll get their tours extended and have to go back for 2nd and 3rd tours after just a few months off at home.

Of course the diplomats don’t want to go. Many are scared to death, and well they should be. The one on the news so much is not lying. It IS a death sentence.

But I hope they get sent over there anyway. And I hope their predictions come true. If its good enough for the American soldiers, it should be good enough for them. Nobody cares when a soldier gets his arm or leg or even head blown off. It’s so common that it’s just another ho-hum affair. Maybe if we get a few diplomats arms and legs and heads blown off someone might take a little notice. Too bad Condi doesn’t have to join them.  

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