Breaking News: God Hates Fags


Before my fingers cooled down from the last church story, this one hits. A federal jury in Baltimore has ordered the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas to pay $10.9 million to the family of an American soldier who died in Iraq. Seems the church was protesting at the funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. Excellent call by the jury.

Church members showed up at Snyder’s funeral chanting derogatory slogans and holding picket signs with messages including “God Hates Fags.”
They’ve picketed the funerals of dozens of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming that God is punishing the United States because of its tolerance for homosexuality.god-hates-fags-kids.jpg

What an ablsolutely un-christian thing to do. These assholes have no concept of what the church is supposed to represent. I thought tolerance for all of God’s children was a basic tenant of the church. And I’m not sure I ever heard, during my christian upbringing, that God hates anybody. I must have been home sick that Sunday.

Seriously, once again the fascist, Bush loving christians (I don’t capitalize that on purpose) expose themselves as the sick, racist hypocrites that they are. They of course don’t have any skeletons in their closets and I’m sure that there is not one gay person, man woman or child,  in any of their families. And just to prove it, they have their kids wear T-shirts to make sure everyone knows it! Think these girls even know what a “fag” is? Think they have a chance in hell of growing up with a healthy christian attitude?  

I don’t speak for anyone else but myself but I would much rather have gay next door neighbors than intolerant pigs like these folks.  

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9 Comments on “Breaking News: God Hates Fags”

  1. Pig people. I talked to god the other day and she doesn’t mind how people love each other at all.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    Christianity ceased to have anything to do with Jesus a long, long time ago. It’s just a means to justify what ever you want to justify these days.

    That he isn’t denounced from every pulpit in every church says too much about mainstream religion to me.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    The saddest part about this to me is this picture of the kids. Its no wonder that we never progress as a nation when it comes to racism and homophobia. Parents insist on forcing the same hatred on their children, even before the kids have any idea what it means (kinda like sunday school).

    It also shows the world once again what a screwed up society we are. On the one hand we have these assholes even doing this. On the other, now the press is full of why they will and should get away with it.

  4. Capt Fogg Says:

    If there were actually some sort of God worth being called that, Phelps would have burst into flame years ago, but if there is some sort of God who hates such people, yet is too impotent to to anything about it without the help of garbage like Phelps, screw him.

    Anyone too damned stupid to see that people prosper or not without regard to their piety or contempt for homosexuals wouldn’t buy his argument, but then, how many non-stupid people are there in a country where stupidity is a prime virtue.

  5. Danielle Says:

    Coming from a young lesbian, I guess i have a slightly tilted point of veiw on the issue. I was born and raised a Christian girl, and some of the things that were always stressed to me, was how God loves everyone, how no sin is greater then another, and how it was our mission as Christians to spead the love of Jesus and let others know that God loved them.
    To me it seems like you weren’t the only one who missed Sunday school, because these ‘Christians’ aren’t really living up to that message.
    Even if what they believe in true, then they still damn themselves with their actions, because if I remember correctly, passing judgement on another is a sin, and since it says in the Bible that all sins are equal in the eyes of the Lord, they will see me in the hell they are so quickly to cast me into.
    Love is love, no matter who it is between, it is still love and it is still beautiful. Some people are just to ignorant to see such beauty.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    “Love is love, no matter who it is between…..

    Well said, Danielle.

  7. Michael Says:

    These folks are not representative of Christianity at all. They are a small group, members and friends of a crackpot minister who can’t keep a real church job to save his life. These are weirdos who get off on self-righteous indignation. Condemning all Christians because of this man is like calling all Germans murderers because of Hitler.

  8. expatbrian Says:

    I’m aware that this group is a fanatic offshoot. I have to ask why “normal” Christians have not taken action against them, legally if possible or at least by humiliating and discrediting them. I think you have some responsibility here because they are representing themselves as part of your particular group.

    This is not an isolated incident, even in modern times. Much of Christian history is bloody, if not shameful. Christian leaders who rise to positions of national recognition seem to be the worst offenders. Instead of forgiving the likes of Swaggart, Haggard and Baker, you should be condemning them publicly as not representative of the church and throwing their asses out.

  9. startswithk Says:

    This reminds me of Hitler Youth for some reason, only not nationalized and more religious extremist.

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