Who’s Confessing to Who?

alg_britneyspears.jpgThe Catholic church has gotten its dander up over a couple of photos on Britney Spears new album. The photos show a sexily clad Spears cuddling up with a priest in the confessional.

Now, I’m no fan of Britney Spears, and I agree that the pictures are far fetched. Priests with sexy women? NO WAY! Young boys, sure, but not adult women.

My answer to her religious critics and their apparent outrage at these pics (right after they wash the sticky stuff off of their hands) is the same as a good Catholic used in my comments once to explain why I criticize them.

God has chosen her to walk this  path. It is his mysterious way.

You cannot hope to understand why God has decided to put fishnet stockings on her and seat her up on this very virile, handsome and probably tumescent priest’s lap.  And who is this guy impersonating a priest, anyway?  He looks pretty Italian to me. I bet he’s a Catholic. Why aren’t you complaining about him? Oh, cos he’s just an actor? Well, so is she.

So all you very right and righteous believers out there.  Instead of complaining about Spears’ pics, pray and give thanks that it wasn’t with you, but keep a box of tissue handy.

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