Useless Leftist Blogging

I just posted a comment over at Impolitic and it made me think. Does all of our blogging really do anything other than feed our need to be heard by someone – anyone? I look over at my blogroll and at least the political part is all people that feel more or less exactly like me.

Is it worth my time to write here about that cesspool that is the White House deleting most of the recent expert report on global warming? Or the murderers that are Blackwater? Or the traitor that is your president? Or any of the other subjects that we all cover every day?

Is anyone reading it that doesn’t already know it and feel the same way? I don’t have a large readership here but those who come and those who comment are the same people every day. So really, I’m just having a conversation with a few folks who will just nod their head at what I say because they are going to write the same thing. Seems like a big waste of time to me.

Now, some bloggers are spending so much time posting (to each other) that they have to bring on additional writers to help! That new writer now splits his time posting between two blogs or more often, just posts the same stuff on more than one blog! So now I get to read the same thing, about the same way I feel, at two different places!

Sure, the new writer gets more exposure that way, assuming there are those who read the new site but didn’t read his original site, and the host gets more info posted, but does that actually do any good if we are still all posting the same information and tossing it like a baseball back and forth within a set circle of friends?

Aside from a Daily Kos and Huffington and a few others, and aside from those random search hits, do any of us actually get through to those who aren’t on our blogroll? What percentage of your comments come from folks you don’t recognize?

I think that if we really want to get this debate going, and get our word out, we should stop spending the little time we have commenting on each others liberal sites and start commenting on the oppositions sites where someone new might read it. We might also get a whole new set of readers and comments for our own blogs that way.

I think I’ll go surfing and look for some good right wing blogs…..not the nut cases….and get them into my blogroll and see what happens. Besides, having everyone always agree with you is soooooo boring. I love a good argument. If I can’t get it on the right wing blogs, I’ll just have to post something new on the Catholic Church. That’s always good for a bitch or two.

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4 Comments on “Useless Leftist Blogging”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I’ve often wondered the same things myself. I can give you an example of some of the good that comes of all this blogging from my corner of the world. In Michigan, all the progressive/Democrat blogs link to each other and try to complement one another. I tend to write about health care issues, another blogger covers environmental issues, another one budget issues, etc. All these small blogs feed into three larger blogs that draw in readers from across the state. You’d be surprised at the positive comments people leave thanking us for making all this information available to them. The larger blogs help direct traffic so to speak.

    Do we really do much good in the long-term? Who knows, but sometimes people just want to read that an average Joe agrees with them and they’re not alone in the way they think. Using the Iraq War as an example, we can’t turn to the MSM since they support the Bush administration and make those of us who disagree with them think we’re ignorant, so we’ve been forced to turn to each other.

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. abi Says:

    I’ve spent some time on the right-wing blogs, too. Usually what I get in response is emotion and invective rather than intelligent argument.

    BTW, I think small blogs do perform an important function. They reinforce (at least for me) that there are many ordinary people out there who think like I do. I never felt that same sense of shared ideology from the MSM – anything but. They also emphasize stories that have had little or no play in the media
    – case in point, the USS Liberty.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Kathy, what you are doing, organizing the content and hierarchy of the blogs is great. If we could all get that organized, and quit just all posting the same thing, we might have more influence than we do now. There are some blogs that are content specific, ie Brads Blog on Diebold Voting. But not enough of that is going on. I would love to be involved in a structured blog reporting system like that.

    abi, I expect to be trashed by the RWB’s too. Then I can trash back. Get all the anger off my chest.

  4. praguetwin Says:

    Late to the party….. I actually got started by snarking on right-wing blogs. The first link on my blogroll is a WRB, the guy who inspired me to get started with a blog of my own. Give a try on XDA. You won’t be disappointed.

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