Bytes from My Blogroll

support-copy.jpgBigAssbelle posts a very moving article on aging in the gay community. Nytexan over at BlueBloggin has a piece up on spying-then and now-that includes eyewitness info on these little robotic mosquito spies being spotted at anti-war rallies. Hell, there’s even one watching Libby! Mike at PragueTwin has a great post on the US publicrobot.jpg debt with numbers that are frightening. In case you missed it, Fogg reports on the first creation by man of a living thing-from chemicals.

Nolocondendre has a chilling slant on the 9/11 mystery and also a good, quick debunk on the inane celebration of Columbus day. Shaun at Kiko’s House tells us why he’s ashamed to be a blogger in response to the Graeme Frost affair. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Wildlife Direct and donations from the readers of their blogs, pregnant Congolese women have a new, clean mattress on which to give birth. See the pics here. Support them with hits.

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3 Comments on “Bytes from My Blogroll”

  1. nytexan Says:

    Hey thanks for the link.

    Is that not creepy? You think a is a bug flying around when it’s really a spy plane. Very disturbing. I’d like to catch one at the next rally.

  2. praguetwin Says:

    Thanks for the link. As you can see from my irregular posting I hardly have time to keep up even with visiting the people on my blogroll.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the link Brian. That was one weird dragonfly for sure.

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