Misjudging the Enemy and Ourselves

[Voice of America]A U.S. military commander in Iraq says coalition forces have crippled the core leadership group of al-Qaeda in Iraq in a series of raids over the past few months.

Chief of staff of the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, Brigadier General Joseph Anderson, said a U.S. airstrike earlier this week killed senior foreign terrorist Abu Usama al-Tunisi, who he called one of the most important leaders within al-Qaeda in Iraq.

“This is a dangerous terrorist who is no longer a part of al-Qaeda in Iraq. His death deals a significant blow to their operation,” he said.

Bullshit. I don’t think so and its a fraud for the military/government to try to convince us that killing one individual, no matter who it is, will have a “crippling” effect on Al-Qaeda. They are much better organized than that as is evidenced by the successes they have had against much larger, more powerful forces. From Staff Statement 15 issued by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States:


(Click for larger image)

Shura/Advisory Council – Usama bin Laden’s inner circle; they direct the overall strategy of the organization.
Sharia/Political Committee – Responsible for issuing fatwas.
Military Committee – Resposible for conceiving and planning operations, as well as managing training camps.
Finance Committee – Responsible for fund-raising, and the concealment of assets.
Foreign Purchases Committee – Responsible for the acquisition of foreign arm and supplies.
Security Committee – Physical protection, intelligence, and counter-intelligence.
Information Committee – In charge of propaganda.

“With al Qaeda as its foundation, Bin Ladin sought to build a broader Islamic army that also included terrorist groups from Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, and Eritrea. Not all groups from these states agreed to join, but at least one from each did. With a multinational council intended to promote common goals, coordinate targeting, and authorize asset sharing for terrorist operations, this Islamic force represented a new level of collaboration among diverse terrorist groups.”

I mean, come on, think about it. If General Grant had died during the civil war would the south have won? If Ike had been killed during WWII, would we have lost the war in Europe? And if Ho Chi Minh had died while we were in that other illegal war, would we have defeated the North Vietnamese? I think not. No, Al-Tunisi has already been replaced by another who was already trained to do his job. If Al-Qaeda was so fragile that the death of any one individual would truly cripple it, they would have been defeated years ago.

Reports like this are just part of what is becoming a very transparent attempt by Bushco to make us believe we are making some kind of progress towards something in Iraq. All we seem to be making progress on is filling more graveyards and hospitals.

I too have been suckered into believing that these terrorist organizations are just a small bunch of rag-tag, half motivated, ignorant extremists that can be easily disposed of using traditional military ground tactics. Well, that is not true. They are intelligently organized. They are highly motivated. They are firmly committed and they are growing in power and in numbers. And they have an ever increasing hatred of the US.

If we can ever really get out of this “America, love it or leave it” and “America, right or wrong” mindset it is easy to understand why. Firstly, they see the US as a country in absolute moral decay. Crime is rampant and out of control. The justice system is so overwhelmed that even murderers and rapists are encouraged to cop pleas to lesser crimes and because of it, hard core criminals walk our streets so we have to lock, alarm, gate and bar our windows and doors and arm ourselves in a desperate, fearful attempt at self preservation.

They read that drugs permeate our society and can be bought and sold by anyone on any street corner. They see that sexual exploitation in America is everywhere, from the hard core pornography available in every corner video store, to the strip clubs, sex parlors and street walkers, to nearly every TV program or newspaper ad.

And they see our racism. They see Americans, especially white ones, acting like and  believing that they are better than everyone else. They see our arrogance and our belief that only we know what is best and right. Only our religions are valid. They hear us belittling their God because only we know the real one. We spout Christian values but behave like money is the true god. And they see that we expect to be treated with respect, even awe when we travel overseas. They see that we are rich, but rich with greed. They see us consuming resources at a maddening, indecent pace.

mourning.jpgAnd of course, for the most part they’re right. Is it any wonder that they don’t want us invading their countries and spreading our brand of “freedom”? That they see the US and our immorality as a serious threat to their very ancient, very religious culture? That they would prefer to have the despotism and even the tyranny of a regime that may be brutal in the face of descent, but provides order and safety for those who live by its rules? That they would even prefer the possibility of Saddam’s dungeons to the certainty of American bombs crushing their homes and killing their loved ones on a nearly daily basis?

Is it any wonder that they fight us? And is it any wonder that they do so by using the only tactics that our traditional military ground forces cannot defeat – guerrilla warfare and suicide terrorism? And lastly, is it any wonder that they are growing? That for every one we kill, there seems to be 10 to take his place? It’s no wonder to me at all. If America were invaded and Americans were in their shoes, we would be doing the same things. Just look at what we have done because of 9/11.

Unless we are willing to send troops into Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, and Eritrea to obliterate all of the supporters of al-Qaeda using military power, we damn well better stop threatening these country’s religions and cultures, start treating them with a little respect and stop acting like a big, strong, dumb racist bully. Not doing so has lead to nothing but hatred for the US and growing sentiment for those who oppose us. It ain’t working.

Unless we can develop a framework to solve this terrorist problem diplomatically, it is not going to get solved at all. God knows Bush can’t solve it and our military is not big enough, strong enough or savvy enough to do it. The time has come to face that fact.

In Vietnam we were defeated by a smaller but highly dedicated guerrilla force in their own country. We didn’t learn any lessons from it and so are facing the same again. If we don’t want to be embarrassed by losing such a war, maybe we shouldn’t start it in the first place.

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3 Comments on “Misjudging the Enemy and Ourselves”

  1. Simon Mace Says:

    I agree with you in many points. A casing point of this is the mess we are creating in the Horn of Africa. Read a comment I wrote before on the subject.


  2. praguetwin Says:

    Great post. Remember how al-Qaeda was crippled after they killed Zarkawi? Yeah, it will be just like that.

  3. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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