Burma: Fight for Freedom

burma_alta_0926.jpgThe protests continue even in the face of beatings, arrests, threats and gas grenades. But the monks and a growing crowd of civilian supporters are not turning back. They are wiping off the blood, getting back up and marching again.

As the world looks on, the classic battle for freedom is unfolding in the small fascist country of Burma.

And where is that champion of freedom and democracy, the US, while these poor but determined people fight for their freedom? Sitting on the sidelines along with everyone else. Watching. Doing nothing. Oh, Bush increased sanctions. Wow. Like that is supposed to convince us that the US really does support freedom and democracy in the world and will actually help those who are willing to fight and die trying to get it. At least that’s the story we keep hearing about Iraq. Why not Burma?

Simply put, because freedom in Burma isn’t worth the trouble. Hard to believe and even harder to respect the world’s mightiest power, the great bastion of freedom, when that is their response.

A nation with an oppressive, dictatorial government. A people who have been forced to the limit of their endurance. A poor, ragged group, determined to have freedom at last, will fight for it alone. It’s going to get bloody and ugly before it’s over.

My best wishes and hopes for all of them. All other countries in the world will reveal their true nature’s as this historic event takes place.

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3 Comments on “Burma: Fight for Freedom”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Russia and China have been adequately revealed, I think. Both have blocked any UN attempt at censure – not that censure means much.

  2. claire Says:

    this comment is soo true, i am reasurching burma and the significats Aung San suu kyi has on freeing burma and america the place where they claim to be the land of the free has not helped burma out.

  3. Dilkaf mansuri Says:

    why dont say china this time and also usa ?
    it is a totaly phool proof plan
    any body why dont thing all world will come in dificult sichvation mins vishv yudhdha

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