Jena, Louisiana – Racist, Ignorant, Stupid White People

Is this the America our troops are fighting and dying for?

noose.jpgBy now you should be familiar with this story. In the racist town of Jena, in the racist state of Louisiana, in the country of America where racism like this is as traditional as apple pie, 6 black teenagers are arrested and charged with crimes-including attempted murder-for a school fight in which one white kid was beaten up, went to the hospital, was treated, released and went out for fun that night.100000948.jpg

Was this one of the white kids who had previously hung three hangman’s nooses from a school tree after black youths had the nerve to sit under it? I don’t know.

Do I wonder why a black kid had to ask a school official for “permission” to sit under that tree? No, its Louisiana. Of course he had to ask. He’s not stupid. And besides, it’s called the “White Tree”.

Was the fight because those white kids who hung the nooses never got charged with anything? Not sure but certainly not surprised. Oh, by the way, one of the black kids just got sentenced to 22 years in prison for it.

kkk.jpgDoes it shock me that 60% of this town voted for David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard, for congress? Ha Ha Ha. Nah, no shock there. These are the stupid, racist, ignorant white parents who taught these white teens to be stupid and ignorant and racist, too. Just like them!

This is the best video I found on the story. Not the MSM, that’s for sure. There will be much more on this story but it doesn’t matter. Somethings never change. Like ice cream being cold, Angelina Jolie being hot, and the south still having an abundance of stupid, racist, ignorant white people. If you’re interested in helpin, the petition for the Jena 6 is here.

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34 Comments on “Jena, Louisiana – Racist, Ignorant, Stupid White People”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Whatever the age of mental adulthood might be, it arrives, if at all, long after high school. None of these kids were in the right, none of them were acting intelligently. It’s very easy to look at some stupid joke like a noose and see what you want it to mean – particularly if you have some axe to grind. I remember tying nooses in the venetian blind cords of my high school homeroom a thousand years ago and it was because of halloween, not because of any racist or political iconography. I’m sure that here, the stunt was intended to insult, to stake a territorial claim – the sort of thing that baboons and teenagers routinely do. The school should have done something to address it immediately. Hell, the school should have been very vocal about that “White tree” thing from the start, segregation being illegal and all that.

    But I’m not about to stand up for the nobility of 6 kids who beat up someone for a non-violent provocation. I think they all deserve punishment that fits the crime and that may include the school principal. If these 6 students have been victimized, that still doesn’t mean they are innocent or even that they are good kids.

    It was a stupid thing – the sort of stupid things that stupid, undisciplined, uneducated and hormonal products of our school systems do, but the punishments meted out were inappropriate. Certainly, violence merits heavier punishment than a demonstration of knot tying, but community service, suspension from school, or something like that is the usual result, not felony attempted murder.

    It’s hard to blame the public for perceiving a disparity in punishment in this situation and indeed in similar situations all over the south. Black people get harsher sentences – much harder in many cases. The hoopla surrounding this however, and the opportunism of some leaders is making it vary hard for people to see what this is about and may be turning the whole thing into an opportunity for people, as you see here, to claim they’re being victimized by justice.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Good points Cap’n and I agree that the punishment, for the white kids who hung the nooses and the blacks who beat up the white kid, should fit the “crime”. But I am not surprised at all that the black kids over reacted. You are in the south and you know first hand about this extremely one sided history.

    These are apparently good kids, no mention of gangs or any thing of that sort. I think they finally got fed up and lashed out. Fact is, they must have held back. The white kid was not badly hurt. If that had been Detroit or Philly, he would be dead.

  3. rgtwy Says:

    we didnt come over here to be with white people, white people came and got us. and i mean no matter how much u try to void white people, they are always there, they say they dont want to be around us, then how come every where i go there u are. i mean white women taking our men, everything. i know the brothers are fine but man, can u please let sisters have there men. i know white men are boring but thats not our fault. spruce the white men up a little, i know when white man dances the bedroom must be dreadful, cause if he performs the way he dances i feel sorry for you my white sisters, and stop letting the white man hit u around, i mean it took black sisters to wake up white sisters stop taking the white man shit.

    so u white haters out there, stop it, and black haters out there stop it, life is too short, stop letting the devil have his way, cause its just wrong, as for me i just see a white world or black world, i like it mixed, so stop it , do a bob marley no what i am saying, people need to purple haze like jimmi hendrix, chill people, cheech and chong where are u when we need u, see it that was going on under that tree wouldnt have that problem.

    • Jared Says:

      it should be viewed as opportunity instead as punishment for blacks. anybody in the world should rather america than africa for that matter. we were meant to get along obviously. successful people of each race today get along with other races. i live in lake charles, LA. i am white. its a very well taken care of city OVERALL. the wealthiest area is the south part which is like 65 white/ 35 black and they get along very well. overall the city is 51white/49 black. this tells u that we need to get along, unless we will struggle. dumbass

  4. rgtwy Says:

    burt also about the n word, white people just love to say, i dont here u walking around calling your people crackers, or honkeys, sand crabs, white saltines crackers in my poop, oops i mean soup, that wasnt nice what i just said right. thats why u shoudnt say n just because it hurts peoples feelings u have them too unless your not human,

    • Jared Says:

      u dumbass, SUCCESSFUL white ppl only call black ppl that word if they are it: a useless, poor, trashy, ugly, thief, and for some reason think they are at a disadvantage in society b/c they are too lazy to go get money the real way. times have changed for the better dude, wealth and happiness, or either, are a toss-up FOR THE PPL WHO DESIRE IT. of course more white ppl have it. there are more white ppl in america than black. wake the fuck up you idiot. white ppl who are “niggers”, as i defined how a ” nigger” acts and is, have no right calling a black person who is the same way or is successful that horrid word. the same goes for blacks who hate on whites in general.

      what i am telling you is the only ppl who have the right to say word are:
      SUCCESSFUL PPL of any race who are referring to the WASTE AND FAILURE PPL of any race

  5. expatbrian Says:

    The very fact that this event took place shows the power and indecency of racism is alive and well in the US 140 years after the civil war. It is because we, the people of the US are too ignorant to recognize that there is NOTHING valuable about racism and hate. And, as I have said many times, because white people are so arrogant and ignorant that they still believe that they are better than EVERYONE else, not just blacks. Down South, it just so happens that there are lots of black people. If they were Chinese, the white folk down there would treat them the same.

    The fact that these comments are made, that this post was made are proof that we have made absolutely no progress at all when it comes to this issue. And as long as parents in the south and the rest of the country are so stupid that they bring up their children to embrace hate and racism as they do, the problem will never go away no matter what the law says.

    That is the reason it has lasted so long. Adults, who are supposed to be smart enough to know better, aren’t. Instead they follow the philosophy that it was good enough for them and their daddy so its good enough for junior. Daddy taught me to hate blacks and I’m gonna teach you to hate blacks. Me, I don’t hate blacks. I hate ignorant bigots who are too stupid to change a light bulb, let alone their minds.

  6. seanj Says:

    I have a question is it racist when the black “gang” beats up the white ?

  7. expatbrian Says:

    Your question is ridiculous and probably not serious, but I will treat it as if it were.
    It is racist to take actions that are based wholly or even partially on race. A fight between a black guy and a white guy is not a racist event, unless the fight is based wholly or partially on the fact that one is black or one is white.

  8. amesha Says:

    man, i’ve been learning about the civil rights movement in History class and i still do not get WHY somebody could hate someone so much just because of their skin color. The whites of Central High School in Little Rock reacted to the colored kids worse than if a couple cows would have been ushered into the school. How RETARDED is that?

  9. expatbrian Says:

    And by the way, racism like this is not exclusive to the south. It’s everywhere in the US. Southerners are just more blatant with their racism because they feel no guilt about it. Instead, they make excuses for it, manipulate the history, and fabricate the facts to justfy their behavior. Calling people ignorant because they recognize the racism that is prevalent in the south is about as actually ignorant as you can get.

  10. expatbrian Says:

    Whites have been responsible for 99% of the worlds bloodshed, wars, genocides and nightmares throughout modern history. Just what are blacks doing to cause the world pain and misery except being the ones who are in pain and miserable? They don’t have any world power anywhere to be able to do that. Whites, except in areas of asia and some black african countries, control all the wealth and all the power and abuse it horrifically. The US is a perfect example.

    Rebel, if you look at this thread you will see that I said that racism is not just a southern issue. It is pervasive throughout the US. But the south has a completely different history when it comes to organized racism.

  11. expatbrian Says:

    Southern, you are wrong, your comments are racist, and I am going to delete them and the other racist comments in this thread right now. It’s my blog and I am uncomfortable with the direction of this thread. Go spew your ridiculous comments somewhere else. I’m sure there are several blogs where they will be appreciated.

    Fair warning to anyone else commenting here. Same applies.

  12. lmfao Says:

    hhahahhahahahahhahahah lol! humans are so fucking stupid.

  13. lmfao Says:

    by the way no-one gives a fuck about your posting on a webpage that no-one goes to.

  14. Brian Says:

    This is a blog, not a webpage (I see that you are not exactly an IT specialist) and it seems that you found your way here.

  15. Mike in Louisiana Says:

    I have to beg to differ with the comments made about Louisiana…I live 20 minutes from Jena and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the beating was racially motivated. The reality is there is more racism in todays world, black against white than the other way around.
    I find it hypocritical and ironic to allow the comments by the woman about white men to be on here, but you delete anything else that does not agree with your views.
    BTW, all but one of the idiots that beat that boy got off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist…and the boy was beaten severely. If white boys had done that to a black kid, they would have been on trial for a hate crime. Then if they would have gotten off like those kids did, J Jackson, Al Sharpton, and every other hypocrite would be screaming racism…

  16. Leo Says:

    Hi Brian, i just want to say that in a broad sense i agree with certain parts of your argument. I have lived in the south almost 30 yrs and i can say that people DO appear to be more racist..(at least openly so)… and yes this has much to do with the history of the region and the deep indoctrination of young people into the way of thinking of the previous generation. It has always seemed to me that the mindset of America in general and the south in particular is that we only should trust the way things have been and resist things that are new.

    However, i’m also not a fan of generalized statements and to me sir it just makes me uneasy when people make a statement that 99% of the bloodshed the world has been was masterminded or somehow is solely because of whites. On what data are you speaking from?

    Look at global history and one can see the multitudes that have died under names such as

    Chairman Mao- In the first years of the Communist regime, CONSERVATIVE estimates of the number killed for voicing their opinions of the Communist party stand at around 3 million; hostile estimates are much higher

    Idi Amin-killed hundreds of thousands and Amin made a number of anti-Semitic declarations, including praising German dictator Adolf Hitler for killing Jewish people during World War II,

    Pol Pot-Nearly 2 million Cambodians were killed during the 4 year experiment of his “leadership”

    Omar al-Bashir has been responsible of civilian death tolls that ring up into the 400,000 range during his crusade of ethnic cleansing and displacing 2.5 million from their homes.

    So i think what we should do instead of saying white people are evil, white people are the devil, white people are responsible for the world’s problems… is step back and realize this one thing..

    White people aren’t bad, PEOPLE ARE BAD! This dormant evil lays deep inside every human being and if we don’t control it, if good people do nothing, it will be set loose and will feast upon society.

    Please hear me as i respectfully beg anyone that reads this to be kind to each other. Lets stop blaming and realize that none of us are perfect and either way you go race is no excuse because EVERY RACE HAS SKELETONS in their closet!!!

    Let’s start judging people as individuals and i think everyone should just jab themselves in the eye and blind everyone so we’d have no choice. Imagine a world where we were blind… because we’re irreparably flawed as humans we’d probably judge based on “tone of voice” or people who “shuffle their feet”.

    I’m mostly white and couldn’t care less that i am. I try to be the best person i can be to EVERYONE. I see someone that needs some help and i always try to do what i can for them black,white,male,female. Even though i know the darkside of humanity lies within us all, myself included, all i can do is remain aware of it and do my best to show the good side we have to offer as people to each other.

    In closing i’d like to make one final plea…

    Folks, it’s just US!!! That’s it!!!! We don’t get a second go-round at life so please… every action you take, every word, every wasted moment MATTERS!!!

    Please remember that you have the power to truly be open minded, generous, and intelligent. Don’t waste even a moment of this gift of life that we all take for granted! Thank you for the time and the patience.

    • Jared Says:

      thank you sir. i even see assumptions in sports. well i have news for all u racist ppl: the best hitter ever in baseball was TONY GWYNN SR. (a black guy) and his son gwynn jr. is very much improving dramatically every damn season. and the best current pitcher is CARSTEN CHARLES (C.C.) SABATHIA ( a black guy).

      In basketball the current best player is DIRK NOWITZKI (a white guy) please dont argue it, the best american player is wade indeed, but he isnt as good as dirk. and if u watch every player play and take in consideration the help that players have and have had in their careers, youll realize it’s true.

      the best individual player at each position at each position except center has indeed been white ppl.

      football is the same way. white ppl have been better overall even though they are a minority in the sport professionally.


      i rest my case. ppl pls shut the hell up and agree with me here. it would do us a big favor. i do believe i am done commenting here.

  17. tony Says:

    im soo fucking tired of stupid white people,,every fucking where,fucking up our country,with there greed and then making it american,by waving the flag.The media never does there job,.with any kind of reporting about the real shit that they do.Then they want to act like Obama is weak because he’s trying to take care of all americans.Instead of kissing there ass,which they are used to.Tea party,.yeah right, you guys are just playing dirty,,which no real message except let us back in,so we can take care of ourselves with all your taxes,the way it been since the country has been around,,,thats what a Disruptplican is all about.Themselves.I know with out a doubt,,that we are fucked as a nation,,because the librals are too much like Disruptplications,,and the poeole who havnt figured that shit out yet(which are in the millions)are all looking out for themselves.

  18. Im from Baltimore Maryland. a very smart “Black” kid!
    I moved to Louisiana about nine years ago, since i been down here i’ve had racist comments and i was asked to leave the college i was attending!? I hate people here with a passion! hopefully everyone will die from oil and drown! There is nothing good here beside low gas prices!

  19. We are all Gods children no matter what skin color we have. We all bleed red. People need to stop the hate. PEOPLE, stop the ignorance! Goodness!

  20. Fiona Says:

    Yesterday, I found a couple of white supremicists websites and was shocked. It still doesn’t change my interest in white men but had me worried deeply. I read the forum posts and read alot of horrid comments about black people, black children and interacial couples. One caucasion girl on the forum typed ” What would Martin Luther King Jr. be if he were white? Alive!” You know what this world has come to. But what can you, or anyone can do about this foolishness?

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