“Brother Number Two” Arrested in Cambodia


In a followup to this post about Khmer Rouge’s infamous prison leader “Duch” being brought to justice, the Cambodian authorities have arrested Pol Pot’s second in command, Nuon Chea, better known as Brother Number Two.

[BBC]He has spent the past few decades living freely in Pailin, the movement’s former jungle headquarters. Police and court officials went to his home near the Thai border early on Wednesday to question him, and issue him with an arrest warrant on charges of crimes against humanity.

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia with a bloody iron fist from 1975-1979 during which time they abolished religion, schools and currency and forced the entire population to work in fields in an attempt to return to a purely agrarian society.

Those who had been government employees, teachers, and other educated people were imprisoned, tortured and put to death. As described in the previous post, only two artists in the entire country survived. Somewhere between 1 million to 3 million people died before the Vietnamese overthrew the Khmer Rouge and installed the government that continues to this day.

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One Comment on ““Brother Number Two” Arrested in Cambodia”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Our mercenary in chief tells us that the consequences of leaving Vietnam before the inevitable “victory with honor” was massive chaos and bloodshed. He never mentions how much better off they are without us or our corrupt puppet government or that they would have been in no position to stop the horror in Cambodia if Thieu were still there.

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