Israel’s Syria ‘raid’ remains a mystery


Is anybody else as sick to death of this whole “Israeli / Palestinian” problem as I am? Jeez, we’ve been hearing about this same thing for decades! Are all of these leaders so inept that no one can get a handle on this and give us a little peace and quiet? God, if I hear about another missile into/out of Lebanon or the Gaza strip I’m gonna scream.

Now, I know the US has to support Israel because they are the only “friends” we have within thousands of miles over there. I know that we are so close, they can even blow up our ships and get away with it. But doesn’t it seem like they’re doing the same things to others that they bitch and moan about?

And what’s with this f***ing wall? Are they trying to aspire to the same level of ignorance and idiocy that East Berlin did? Is this the best these “great leaders” can come up with to solve this issue? Jeebus, first the Commies, then Israel, and thenboywall.jpg the maniac Bush and his insane wall to stop illegal immigration. Isn’t anybody in these governments smart enough to think of a better way than building a wall? Any idiot can think that up.

When the Palestinians do it, its called terrorism. When the Israelis do it, its called defending their democracy. If I did it, I’d be put away for mass murder. I think the US and Europe ought to go over there, slap these jerks upside the head, and tell them that if they don’t solve this goddamn thing once and for all – and give them one week – that we will blow them off the map.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen. No, I think there is a nuke in the future somewhere over there and I think that’s inevitable. And the spin will be great and we will all be convinced that it was necessary and there was no other way. It would be so refreshing for a change to have some really great leaders in the world. I know they’re out there. Maybe it doesn’t pay good enough.

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