9/11 – Progress of our Standing in the World

9-11-01candlesimplelarge1.gifToday is the anniversary of the event that gave George W. Bush the excuse he needed to continue his father’s efforts in Iraq and soon, Iran. I don’t think he was ever interested in Afghanistan but was forced to give it a show because of bin Laden and the hijackers.

The TV stations will be full of patriotic fervor today and there will be memorials and services for those who lost their lives in the twin towers as there should be.

If you are interested in how the rest of the world views the US on this day (and I propose to you that that perception is critically important for the future) this article in the Gulf News sums it up nicely. It is certainly not what you are going to read in the NYT but it is what millions of people will be reading around the rest of the world. While you read it, keep in mind that just after 9/11 and even after our invasion of Afghanistan, the world supported and grieved with us. Now, that has changed. The White House can control the American press and suppress American protest. It cannot do that overseas.

Bush ordered troops into Afghanistan to smoke Osama Bin Laden out of his cave but judging by a recently released video he’s still around looking trimmer, fitter, younger and sounding more clued-up on current affairs than ever before.

Bush ordered troops into Iraq, which he said had links with Al Qaida, an active nuclear weapons programme and a stockpile of biological and chemical weapons. Those assertions turned out to be a pack of lies.

Then, after unleashing pure hell on those countries, Bush promised they would be rebuilt and emerge as model democracies; the envy of the entire region. Those promises were hollow.

Iraq is in a similar shambles with 600,000 dead and four million displaced from their homes. Baghdad, with its razor wire, checkpoints, bombs and guns, remains the most dangerous city on earth.

“If Bush were handed a report card on Afghanistan and Iraq it should surely read zero out of ten and he hasn’t even got Bin Laden to show for his efforts. In fact, the mess he has made of those countries serves as a recruiting tool for Al Qaida, which from a little-known entity now boasts worldwide franchises and look-alikes.

On this day my thoughts are with the families of those killed in the towers. But we are not fighting in Iraq for them. We are not fighting in Iraq for democracy. We are fighting in Iraq because the oil, arms, and construction industries want us there to line their pockets and Bush is their very willing agent. I am a patriot. He is a traitor. (Full article)

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One Comment on “9/11 – Progress of our Standing in the World”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Even though to my knowledge, Cheney and Rumsfeld have admitted they did not, the jingoes are still trading on the fabrication that al Qaeda had a working relationship with Saddam to export terrorism against he US.

    Al Qaeda has a bigger presence in Germany and the UK than in the Middle East. Why aren’t we occupying them?

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