Say Goodbye to this magnificent creature

bearman.jpgBy 2050 two thirds of polar bear populations will be gone. Zip. Whoosh. Outa here. There are only 22,000 of these beautiful and unique animals around today so it shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of the rest of them. Besides, we’re good at it. Killing off animals and anything else that gets in our way, I mean.

Amazon rain forest? Screw it – we need the lumber.

Tigers? Hey, if rich Chinese guys wanna pay to eat their dicks, who am I to stop ’em.

Salmon rich rivers? Sorry, if we don’t divert that water to farmers they won’t vote Republican!

Mountain gorillas? It’s not our fault they’re to stupid too hide from poachers.polar1.gif

Hell, compared to some of these, the polar bears aren’t even a challenge. Besides, they live way up north. Nobody sees ’em anyway.

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One Comment on “Say Goodbye to this magnificent creature”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    We do see polar bears at the zoo 🙂

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