Kent State, Here We Come!

kentstate.jpgPolice galloped in on horseback to break up a peaceful anti-war press conference in Washington on Thursday and arrested 3 people including the mother of a 2 tour Iraq veteran and attorney Ian Thompson.

The charge caused a peaceful crowd of some 20 journalists and four or five protestors to scatter in terror, an AFP correspondent at the event in Lafayette Square said. No one appeared to have been hurt.

Last month, the movement was threatened with a fine of at least 10,000 dollars unless it removed posters in the city announcing the September 15 march.

Washington city authorities have said the posters had to come down because they were stuck on with adhesive that did not meet city regulations.

The press conference was called as part of the lead up to huge anti-war rally to be held in Washington on September 15. It will coincide with The White House’s General Patraeaus’ war assessment. At the press conference, demonstration organizers were showing the press that the paste they use for posters meets city guidelines.

If there is any significant increase in the number and size of these anti-war protests, we can count on protesters being shot and killed. That is, if there are enough National Guardsmen around to do the shooting.

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3 Comments on “Kent State, Here We Come!”

  1. Shane Says:

    This is sad. True that some may be shot and killed but so sad and pathetic. I always thought our country was beyond that kinda crap but I guess not. The war isn’t just in Iraq…it’s here at home too.

  2. I’ve thought, since the neocons took over, that brutal repression would be the name of the game for internal dissent from now on. With the frantic militarization of the nation’s police it’s now inevitable.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Our country has not been “beyond that” since Eisenhower. Especially since the Texas connnection and Kennedy. If Bush had another term, we would be under martial law in an absolutely fascist police state. That is what he really believes in.

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