Coup d’etat – American Style

Hat tip to BigAssBelle for posting this article by Chris Floyd. It’s only 5 paragraphs and worth the read. One of her commenters called it horrifying and it is. As Carl Sandburg might say, the fascism “comes on little cat feet,” quietly and without serious protest.

…It won’t come like a storm – but like a break in the weather, that sudden change of season you might feel when the wind shifts on an October evening: everything is the same, but everything has changed. Something has gone, departed from the world, and a new reality has taken its place.

As in Rome, all the old forms will still be there: legislatures, elections, campaigns – plenty of bread and circuses for the folks. But the “consent of the governed” will no longer apply; actual control of the state will have passed to a small group of nobles who rule largely for the benefit of their wealthy peers and corporate patrons.

Deprived of historical knowledge by an impoverished educational system designed to produce complacent consumers, not thoughtful citizens, and left ignorant of current events by a media devoted solely to profit, many will internalize the force-fed values of the ruling elite, and act accordingly.

And if that article gets the blood going, try this one also by Floyd. According to him, the fat lady has sung, curtsied and left the building. Game – set – match.

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One Comment on “Coup d’etat – American Style”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    That’s absolutely brilliant – leaves me speechless, actually.

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