I’m a little tired of this “hint” shit

bush.jpg[BBC] “The most senior US commander in Iraq has hinted that he may recommend a reduction in US troop numbers to avoid placing a strain on the army.”

You know, I am getting sick to death of all of these “generals” and administration jerk offs hinting that we may- just may have some troop reductions coming. Even Bush is saying it now. So we’re all suppose to say a big Whew! Thats great to hear! and stop demanding that our so-called representatives do their jobs and REPRESENT us for a change. Right? Because that is the only reason these jerks keep hinting at it.

Well I have a hint for you. The only troop reductions we are going to see are the ones coming home in body bags. You might get 5,000 living troops home temporarily just to shut you up but, unless your REPRESENTATIVES get some balls, some backbone and maybe a hint of integrity, they and more will be going back.

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